Paddy Crean 25th Anniversary Workshop

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The Registration Link is now LIVE! Click the link below to be taken to Banff Centre Registration.

Banff Registration for the Paddy 25th Anniversary Workshop


What (in brief):




Meal Plan:

But wait! We have Early Bird Bonus this year:
Sign up before October 8th: Recieve the Sling Bag, Water Bottle and T-Shirt
Sign up between October 8th and October 24th: Recieve the Water Bottle and T-Shirt
Sign up after October 24th: Recieve you Paddy 25 T-Shirt (no one should go shirtless)

P25 Sling Bag P25 Water Bottle

P25 Shirt both Sides

So what are you waiting for, sign up today! Guarentee your spot in the workshop and get cool stuff for free that your friends will be jealous of.

Please visit here often for updates or join the Paddy Crean FB Group to get the information first!

Banff Centre:

The workshop is held at Banff Centre in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Please check out all the amazing work they do.

Mission: Banff Centre exists to inspire artists and leaders to make their unique contribution to society. We aspire to be the global leader in arts, culture, and creativity.

Vision: Human potential is realized at Banff Centre. As a unique creative and learning experience, we curate innovative programs that develop artists and leaders, inspiring them to conceive and create powerful works and ideas that are shared with the world.

Banff Centre is a catalyst for knowledge and creativity through the power of our unique environment and facilities in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, our rich learning opportunities, cross-disciplinary and cross- sectoral interactions, outreach activities, and performances for the public.

Banff  in Summer

Once you register, don't forget to tell your friends and post on FB and Twitter that you are attending.