Paddy Crean

The IOSP's heritage goes back to the father of stage combat, Maestro Patrick "Paddy" Crean. During early-Hollywood's swashbuckling days, Paddy served as Errol Flynn's choreographer and stunt double, arranged fights for such legends as Sir John Geilgud and Sir Alec Guinness, and was directly involved in the formation of organizations devoted to stage combat in both Europe and North America. The IOSP embodies Paddy's respect for the both the artist and the art.

Patrick 'Paddy' Crean

Maestro Patrick "Paddy" Crean 1910 - 2003

"The poet spoke when he wrote:
From quiet home and first beginning
Out to the undiscovered end
There's nothing worth the wear of winning
But laughter
And the Love of Friends"

- Patrick Crean