Past Artist Bios

These are Biographies from past artists at the time of the workshop in which they attended. They are not updated so please view them as a slice of history rather than a current snapshot.

Daniel Ford BeavisDaniel Ford Beavis

Daniel has been a professional stunt performer since 1996. Over the years Daniel has worked on dozens of productions, from stage to television to film. His credits include dodging flaming reindeer in Just Friends, getting tackled through glass over a cliff in Android Apocolypse, and coordinated episodes of the Canadian series, Rabbit Fall, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Moccasin Flat, and Insecurity. Stunts has been a passion of Daniel for many years, but his true calling is teaching. He has taught at the University of Saskatchewan, The Banff Centre, the International Stunt School as well as a variety of workshops in Montreal, Los Angeles, Atlanta among others. Daniel has literally lit hundreds of stunt performers on fire, made students do thousands of high falls, helped administer untold numbers of face punches and groin kicks, engineered numerious stabs with knives and swords, and kept every one of them safe as they did it. Daniel has recently coordinated the upcoming movies: a psychological thriller “Chained”, a zombie movie “13 Eerie”, an action thriller “Ferocious”, and a vampire movie called “Rufus”. Check online for his work on the werewolf series, “Lupine Life.”

Bryce BerminghamBryce Bermingham

Bryce was a ranked tournament free style martial artist growing up and combined that passion with dramatic art to stimulate a long career in film and theatre. While acquiring a BFA and MFA in musical theatre Bryce found time to attend stage combat workshops and even teach and train in the UK, spending 6 months based out of the Welsh College of Music and Drama. Bryce became a fight director with Fight Directors, Canada in 1998 and has since fought and danced his way around North America and the UK. As an actor he toured with the Broadway National Tour of Cats, has performed in 6 companies of Beauty and the Beast and was part of the original workshop production of Snow White for Disney Entertainment. Bryce also found himself working as a stuntman in several unpronounceable Welsh films and well as working on set as an assistant armourer and assistant pyro-technician.

As a fight director he has choreographed the violence for musicals such as a national tour of The Scarlet Pimpernel, Beauty and the Beast and George Stiles The Three Musketeers and well as dozens of Shakespeare and modern theatre works. Bryce has begun to focus his stunt coordinating efforts on many small and medium size films in NYC, enjoying the creative liberties that comes with those budgets. Recently he was the stunt coordinator for The House that Jack Built which premiered at the LA Film Festival, an HBO airing, wining best picture, director and screenplay at the Phoenix Film Festival, audience favorite and best director honours at the Queens International Film Festival, and best feature at the Reel Resquache Art & Film Festival.

Bryce can also be seen on 6 book covers as a well-armed assassin of the David Dalglish’s Shadowdance Series. Bryce began involved with the Paddy Crean workshop since 1997 and has been a workshop coordinator and instructor since 2003 a fact he is immensely proud of. He is also the current Treasurer for the IOSP. Check out Bryce's website at

David BousheyDavid Boushey

I am the Founder of the Society of American Fight Directors, the United Stuntmen's Association and the International Stunt School. I now embark on my 37th year in the theatre and film industries. I have been a Fight Master and Fight Master Emeritus for over 35 years. I am a member of the Hollywood Stuntmen's Hall of Fame. I was awarded the Los Angeles Critics Circle Award for distinguished fight choreography. I have been a teacher of the combat arts for 36 years having trained many of those individuals and colleagues who now make their livelihoods as professional teachers and choreographers. I have worked on several feature and television films which include: Blue Velvet, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Twin Peaks, Northern Exposure, X-Files, Highlander, Mad Love, Drugstore Cowboy, and the epic slasher film "Lover's Lane"! I have over 400 theatre credits to date which include 53 Romeo & Juliets! I now start my 17th year as administrator and teacher for the International Stunt School.

Kathleen Boushey

Kathleen is propietor of the KB Dance Studio and has been a dance teacher for 30 years and a yoga practitioner and instructor for nearly 15 years. She is a former stunt woman as well as former member of the Society of American Fight Directors. She presently works as a dance instructor at the Everett Parks Department and yoga instructor at Gold's Gym in Everett, Washington.

Scott BrownScott Brown

Scott Brown travels to study, train, and teach extensively with the world’s foremost researchers and practitioners in order to bring the highest level of instruction to the U.S. He is a 25 year veteran of the martial arts that has taught and trained in France, Germany, Hungary, the U.K., Japan, Canada and the U.S.A. Scott holds certificates of rank for Japanese, Philippine and Modern martial arts systems. Studying historical martial arts since around the turn of the century, Scott now focuses his efforts to help revive the European traditions through diligent, practical, hands-on study with top historical specialists, researchers, and practitioners. He currently instructs a full curriculum based on the “Priests” system as depicted in the 13th century text known as R.A. MS. I.33., as well as German longsword principles via the Liechtenauer traditions and falchion according to Lecküchner.

Ruth Cooper-BrownRuth Cooper-Brown

Ruth Cooper-Brown is the co-founder of the UK Dramatic Violence company Rc-Annie Limited with Rachel Bown-Williams. Ruth is the current Chair of the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC) having served on the committee since 2007. Her eclectic background of acting, renaissance fighting, illusion, circus, technician and projectionist has informed, and still influences her present work. She teaches in UK drama schools including ALRA and Cygnet and as Fight Director was proud to work on the recently released British crime movie "iLL Manors", and the touring production of "The Snow Queen." Ruth also advises companies on UK Theatrical Handgun law and usage and has had several articles published both in the UK and the USA.

Please visit:

Payson BurtPayson Burt

Payson is a professional actor, stuntman and fight director. He is certified as a fight director and teacher of stage combat through the Society of American Fight Directors.

As an artist in such diverse roles as acting coach, fight director, stunt coordinator and director of physical comedy, Payson has been involved in hundreds of dramatic and comic productions including theatre, ballet, opera, film and television.

As a teacher, Payson has served on the faculties of a variety of prestigious institutions teaching acting, movement and stage combat. For 11 years he taught in the professional actor training program in Philadelphia at Temple University, where in 1997, he was awarded the outstanding alumni achievement in fight direction. Other teaching credits include Curtis Institute of Music, University of the Arts (Philadelphia), University of Alabama, University of Colorado, Cal Poly Pomona and North Carolina School of Arts.

Payson has also taught in numerous workshops both nationally and internationally. He has had many articles about actor training in the art of stage combat published in various journals and is author of "Of Paces", a stage combat training manual.

A resident of Los Angeles, Payson is past president and a founding member of the Los Angeles Fight Academy a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching stage combat.

Lloyd CaldwellLloyd Caldwell

Lloyd Caldwell is an Actor, Director, Fight Director, and Consultant to the entertainment industry. Through his company, Bladework, he has provided a wide variety of services to clients such as Universal Studios, Kings Productions, the BBC, and RTE’. In a career spanning 30 years he has appeared off-Broadway and regionally, and in feature films and television. His fight choreography credits include the American Place Theatre, The Red Ladder Theatre, The Berlin Opera, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Lloyd is one of the founders of the International Order of the Sword and Pen, and in June 2001 he completed a five year appointment as the Executive Director. He currently sits on the Advisory Board of the IOSP. Lloyd is a member of the Theatre Faculty of Oklahoma State University, and is a Riata Fellow in the Spears School of Business. He teaches a course in Arts Entrepreneurship and courses in the Business of the Arts. In August he completed fight choreography for his ninth production of MACBETH, produced by Shakespeare Dallas!

Jacques Cappelle

Born in Brussels, Belgium in 1949, Jacques began fencing at 10 years old (and proved to be a born fighter, in fact!) Jacques has been working in professional theatre for more than 30 years. He has been teaching theatrical combat since 1979 at IAD (Institut des Arts et de la Diffusion) at the University of Louvain La Neuve; since 1993 at INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle), the main dramatic art school in Brussels/Belgium, and since 2002 at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. He continues his career principally as a teacher and combat choreographer and as an actor. Jacques met with J.F. Gagnon during a visit to Montréal in 1999. He was invited to teach at the FDC National Workshop in 2001 and lightning struck! This was the beginning of a beautiful, strong and flourishing friendship with the FDC and its members embellished by a wonderful Honorary Fight Master Diploma for which he is extremely proud and very happy. Two years ago he was accorded full fight master with Fight Directors, Canada.

Bob CharronBob Charron

After receiving his Bachelor of Science and Education from the University of Arkansas in 1985, Mr. Charron spent twenty years participating in Historical Reenactment of the Medieval era. His personal research and training in education led him to teach classes in topics ranging from Vegetius' De Rei Militari to Government and Law in 12th and 13th century Jerusalem.

Always seeking after primary source material in the use and instruction of arms, he acquired a copy of the Getty-Ludwig manuscript of the Fior di Bataglia, a treatise written by Fiore Dei Liberi, the early 15th century instructor at arms to the court of Nicolo d'Este, Marquise da Ferrara. This master work includes an extensive prologue describing Fiore's personal experience and advice to the combatant, a complete explanation of the structure of the treatise, and a list of his famous students and their opponents. Following this introduction are hundreds of illustrations and accompanying paragraphs of text explaining this complete martial arts system and its concepts as it moves from hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting, swordplay, the use of the spear and the pollaxe, and ends with techniques for the mounted combatant.

Mr. Charron has spent the last several years translating the text, interpreting the techniques, and further researching the scientific principles on which the art is based and the biographies of the men who employed it. He teaches weekly classes and private lessons through St. Martins Academy of Medieval Arms, a martial arts academy using the Fior di Bataglia as its curriculum for instruction. He has traveled the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe teaching the material from the treatise. He has presented three papers at the Kalamazoo Medieval Conference on Fiore's work, with a fourth scheduled for the 2005 session.

In addition to the translation of the text and the demonstration of the techniques, Mr. Charron also presents on the internal organization of the manuscript, the links within this work to memory systems, academics, art and culture of the period.

Mr. Charron uses his skills and enthusiasm as an educator to bring the art to life, and to share it within the context of the science and society which created such a beautiful and effective martial arts system.

Eric & Deborah ChenEric Chen

Eric and Debbie Chen are the owners of IMPACT Stunts in Los Angeles. Both competed in the World Wushu Championships as both athletes and coaches. Film and television credits include "Pirates of the Caribbean 2&3", "Rush Hour 3", "Legend of Bruce Lee", "The One", " Shanghai Noon", "Beverly Hills Ninja", "Transporter 1-2", and the recent blockbuster "Kung Fu Panda". Wushu, weapons, choreography and wire work as well as high falls, air ram, ratchet and high speed winch systems are IMPACT Stunts repertoire.

Marie-Heleen CoetzeeMarie-Heleen Coetzee

Marié-Heleen Coetzee is professor and head of the drama department of the University of Pretoria. She was previously on faculty at the University of Zululand. She lectures in somatics, movement pedagogy and applied drama/theatre. Her research interests include drama/theatre-based methodologies and embodied learning, and cross-cultural theatre and performance praxis. She has presented at papers and workshops at national and international conferences, contributed scholarly publications and directed/choreographed productions on various platforms. She is delighted to be part of the Paddy Crean workshop again and hope to fight with as many people as possible whilst there.

Meghan CookeMeghan Cooke

Meghan is a Vancouver based personal trainer and stuntwoman Meghan has considerable experience looking at the form & function of the human body. Her early stage experience was dance and musical theatre but after attending a Paddy Crean event she began her foray into the stunt world. She has since trained with Fight Directors Canada, the United Stuntmen’s Association, and various other instructors. She is a two time recipient of Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grants for continued studies in Stage Combat. She is a certified Personal Trainer. Her formal education includes majoring in musical theatre at Sheridan College of Arts (Canada), drama at the Guildhall School (England), and a B.A. in Sociology and Organizational Studies from the University of Western Ontario (Canada). She has worked for various arts organizations including serving on the Board of Directors for London Musical Theatre and Fight Directors Canada, fund development for the Banff Centre and as the Artistic Assistant for Alberta Ballet.

Meghan has worked professionally as a stuntwoman and actor on various film productions, including The Mime Massacre a 2006 short-film winner (Winnipeg International Film Festival & P.I.S.S.) and a 2006 Vancouver Great Commercial Contest winner. She has also worked professionally as a fight consultant, teacher and choreographer for several stage productions, theatre schools and conferences in Alberta, BC and Ontario. Her teaching specialty is introductory fighting for youth, in which she incorporates physical activity with fun into the organic nature of a fight scene.

As a personal trainer over the past 15 years she has trained 100+ people for goals ranging from injury recovery to fitness competition. With her mantra “train it the way you want it to end up” Meghan has allowed many of her clients to not only recover from old injuries but to develop a strong, functionally fit body. She is a former Alberta Provincial Fitness Champion and has placed top 10 in the WNSO Fitness Model category. Currently she is working on developing a fitness program for fighters/stunt people that provides a sport-specific system that can be used for both downtime and when it’s just not quite possible to repetitively rehearse the stunt!

Meghan’s varied training and experience allows her to bring both physicality and artistry to her work, and to look at the body as a powerful tool for expression.

John DavisJohn Davis

John Davis has performed more than three thousand live stage combat shows in sixteen countries with his Comedy sword-fighting show Hack and Slash. As Oberlin College professor of Stage Combat and resident fight choreographer, John has choreographed hundreds of productions in the Cleveland, Ohio market and nationally.

John directs productions for the Cleveland Shakespeare festival and had taught and choreographed for Kent State University, Malone College, Baldwin Wallace College, The Beck Center for the Performing arts and theaters across in Ohio.

As an entertainment director/fight director at several renaissance festivals nationally, John, has trained hundreds of actors in Stage combat and produced numerous live stunt shows.

After the events of Sept 11th 2001, John, with his show partner, Spencer Humm , have traveled to sixteen countries including the most remote regions of Iraq and Afghanistan on six USO tours.

Stefan DiekeStefan Dieke

Born in 1969, Stefan Dieke has since the early 1990s been dedicated to the research of fighting styles of the centuries past, with the main focus in German material from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. His focus is on the authenticity of the fighting techniques and their effective realization.

Stefan has made a thorough study of Joachim Meyer's treatise of 1570, which is likely the most complex and precise source for the German school of rapier fence.

In working to reconstruct Liechtenauer's system of the Long Sword in a historically valid and martially effective manner, Stefan includes the works of Peter von Danzig, Sigmund Ringeck, Lew the Jew, and Paulus Hector Mair as well as HS 3227a (Dobringer) in forming the core of his continuing longsword research.

Stefan also researches, studies and practices medieval and renaissance dagger, staff ('Halbe Stange') and 19th century military saber as well as unarmed fighting styles of the 15th and 16th century.

In 2000, he was the leading force in the founding of the first official club for Historical Swordsmanship as a martial art in Germany, where he was the head instructor.

Now Stefan is running the first full-time school for Historical Swordsmanship in Germany, the Alte Kampfkunst. There, he teaches Sabre and Longsword three nights a week, offering regular seminars on a variety of other weapons.

David DoerschDavid Doersch

David “Pops” Doersch is one of the three founding members of the IOSP. He has enjoyed a long and fruitful career as a fight director and teacher. His work has been featured on some of the largest stages in North America, including The Guthrie Theatre, The American Players Theatre, The Dallas Theatre Centre and many others. His screen credits most recently include Steve Spielberg’s Lincoln. As a founding member of the IOSP, Pops has taught workshops and/or performed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Egypt, South Africa and Japan. This summer found him thoroughly enjoying himself teaching the extremely talented students at the Nordic Stage Fight Society’s Summer Workshop in Linköping, Sweden. He is currently on staff with Feld Enterprises as a Casting Director and works specifically with Marvel Universe Live where, in addition to casting, he also serves as a trainer and coach for the performers.

Steaphen FickSteaphan Fick

In 1998 I joined a company of people touring through California performing in fully armoured tournaments. While in armour I have competed in full contact tournaments, as well as demonstrating the use and mobility of the armour. We would average five events per year, six shows per event and three fights per show. I maintained this schedule for approximately 11 years. I also practiced in the training fights as well as the tournament fight

After the tournament company disbanded, I began training with the lighter weapons. I trained with the Rapier and Dagger, the Single Rapier and the Spada di Lato. I traveled to the UK to study with Maestro Paul Macdonald in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1999. I have also competed in tournaments at various reenactments around the UK. I began studying the Rapier and Dagger and became a recognized authority on the system of Joseph Swetnam (1617) and have used Swetnam’s system in four international Rapier and Dagger tournaments. I have won the last two tournaments I entered and made it to the finals of a third.

I started Davenriche European Martial Artes School in June of 2000. I teach children as young as 9 and adults the historic use of:

  • the 14th-16th Century Long Sword
  • the 16th -17th Century Rapier – Three Musketeer’s style
  • the 16th Century Side Sword – cut and thrust
  • the 15th Century Dagger – similar to our modern day dagger
  • the 19th Century Sabre – US Civil War style sword

I currently have a school in Santa Clara and Morgan Hill, California.

I began the Renaissance Fencing Camp in 2000 to provide four days of instruction to the enthusiasts of California. This camp is designed to give the novice an in depth introduction to a variety of weapons. In the camp we introduce the students to one weapon per day. For the last two years I have flown other instructors in so I could expand the camp.

I also offer a special class in street safety for women called, “Be S.A.F.E.”(Secure, Aware, Free, and Empowered), in which women are taught how to best avoid potential harm, as well as simple maneuvers to escape from an attacker.

Always one to share my passion, I give demonstrations in schools, participate in international fencing tournaments, and teach at international seminars. Some of the events I have taught at include:

  • Middle Schools
  • Universities
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Public Libraries
  • Renaissance Faires
  • Seminars around the country

While playing with swords is “fun,” for the children, teens and adults who attend my classes, I am quick to emphasize that the techniques one learns can be used in situations where one needs to defend oneself in everyday life. For example, sword techniques can easily be applied to a cane, a pool cue, or a heavy cardboard tube. In the same way, the technique one learns with a dagger can be applied to a rolled up newspaper or magazine, a pair of gloves, a purse strap or a closed umbrella. These techniques also work with your bare hands.

In addition, I am a member of the Association of Historical Fencing, and the Dawn Duelists Society of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Simon FonSimon Fon

With over 600 professional credits stretching from Broadway to Stratford to Yellowknife, Simon specializes in all areas: Weaponry, Aerial Flying, Unarmed Combat (Eastern and Western). Fight Master with FDC. Executive Director and Founder of RIOT A.C.T. earning 17 nominations and 8 awards, including Male Action Performer of the Year 2009 AOF Festival – California. and

Jean-Pierre FournierJP Fournier

Jean- Pierre holds a BFA in Acting and an MFA in Directing from the University of Alberta. He is an Associate Professor of the Performance (Acting) stream with the Theatre Department at Mount Royal University, in Calgary, Alberta. He has taught fencing and stage combat at the University of Alberta Theatre Department since 1974.

He is into his 43nd year as an actor, fight director, director and teacher. He is the Maitre d’Armes of Fight Directors, Canada (FDC) and one of its founding directors. He was awarded the prestigious Paddy Crean Award at the Banff Centre’s International Paddy Crean Stage Combat Workshop for his influence and promotion of the historical study of Stage Combat at the International level. He has taken part in the Paddy Crean at Banff since its inception by the visionary Brad Waller. J-P. has taught across Canada, the United States, England, Belgium, and Norway with students from around the globe.

Fight direction has enabled him to work with theatre, film and television, opera and the ballet, in schools, colleges, universities and communities across a wide spectrum of arts organizations. His work at the Stratford Festival in Ontario, Canada from 1986 to 1988, afforded him the opportunity to work with Paddy Crean for three years. There, they taught countless actors’ workshops together for the company. Paddy was J-P.’s advisor on the Festival’s “Three Musketeers” in 1988, 20 years after Paddy’s original production of the same piece. He was a true inspiration and that influence continues today.

During the last 43 years, J-P. has continued the work across Canada and abroad. Jean-Pierre is an Honourary Fellow of the British Academy of Dramatic Combat.

Erik FredricksenErik Fredrickson

Erik has been one of our main sources of inspiration from the beginning at the Nordic Stage Fight Society. Co-founder/Fight Master SAFD, and Head of the Drama Department at Ann Arbor University in Michigan, Erik is the spiritual father of the NSFS. Thanks to Erik, the "Spirit" of Paddy Crean became a natural part of the NSFS. He began his career as an actor and stage combat choreographer at the Guthrie theatre in 1971. He has worked as an actor and choreographer at many American theatres. Fredriksen has choreographed fights for a lot of actors including Christopher Plummer, Morgan Freeman, Holly Hunter, Denzel Washington, John Lithgow, Frank Langella, and Don Cheadle. Erik has been at several NSFS workshops, and he taught at our teachers workshops in 2000 and 2003.

Jean-Francois GagnonJean-Francois Gagnon

A graduate from the National Theatre School of Canada, Jean-François Gagnon pursues parallel careers as Actor, Fight Director and Director. He is a recognised Fight Master* and member of «Fight Directors Canada». He is presently the VP of training for the organization.

In 2007, he won the « Masque for spécial contribution to a play » a prestigious prize from l’Académie Québécoise du Théâtre for his Choreographies in the production “Scaramouche” at the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier in Montréal.

He was swordmaster on the tv shows «Triple sensation» «Are you affraid of the Dark», « 41/2» and «The secret adventure of Jules Verne» and Stunt conceptor on the film «Cabaret neige noire» He has served as Consultant for companies such as Le Cirque du Soleil – Robert Lepage « MGM project - Kà» and UBISOFT computer game software «Prince of Persia»

He as recently choreographed: «God of Carnage» Directed by Roy Surette at the Centaur Theatre, «L’histoire du Roi Lear» Directed by Denis Marleau at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, «The House of Bernarda Alba» Directed by Ghyslain Filion at the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier, «Five years Pass» at NTS and in April will be doing a production of «Macbeth». He his also working on a production for the Saint-John Theatre, NB, of «Romeo&Juliet» Opening in May.

In the previous seasons he has worked on «Hamlet» Directed by Marc Béland, at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, «Romeo&Juliet» and «Macbeth» Directed by Petter Hinton At the C.N.A. «Comedy of Errors», «Paradise by the river» at the Centaur. «View from the bridge» at the Segal Center. Jean-François Gagnon has been directing fight scenes on stage and for the screen for twenty years. As such, he has coached many actors and singers, and choregraphed major productions, among others : He has worked with Ex-Machina /Robert Lepage on «Sept branches de la rivère Ota» and «Elseneur». He also worked with Denise Filiatreau on «Black Comedy» and « The Venitian Twins» for the Just for Laught Festival. «La Reine Margot» Théâtre la Bordée directed by Marie-Josée Bastien, «Woman beware Woman» Directed by David Leatham, «Red Noses» au DB Clark Directed by Joel Miller. «Misery» Sweet Circle Theatre, «Good night Desdemona, Good morning Juliet », «Les Misérables», at the Neptune Theatre in Halifax. Most of the Shakespeare plays and some more than once. Also operas, such as: «Faust», «Les contes d’Hoffman», «Roméo et Juliette», «La grande duchesse de Gerolsteïn», other musicals: «West Side Story», «Jerusalem» and «I ou le domaine du possible». He also designed the choreography for three different version of «Les trois mousquetaires», two version of the «Wars of the Roses» and five «Romeo&Juliet».

He teaches dramatic combat at the National Theater School of Canada, since 1991 and at the Option Théâtre du Cegep Lionel-Groulx since 2001. He also teach Commedia dell’Arte and Movement at Concordia University, since 1994. Trained in France, England and in the United States, Jean-François Gagnon has been invited to many National and International Workshops and Conferences: in Tucson, Arizona; Edinburgh, Scotland; and in Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, Edmonton, Ottawa, Saint-John’s Newfoundland and at the Banff Centre for the Arts. He also taught Professional training workshop for l’Union des Artistes and recently offered an intensive to the actors of Dynamo Théâtre.

* the word "fight" meaning any physical action involving risk for the actor.

Robert GoodwinRobert Goodwin

Robert G. Goodwin has over 40 years' martial arts experience, 25 years' experience in European weapons, and has trained or choreographed many of Hollywood's leading actors and actresses including: Ron Perlman, Eric Roberts, Patrick Warburton, Khrystyne Haje, Ashley Jones, Illeana Douglas, Charles S. Dutton, Rocky Carroll, Ving Rhames, Matthias Hues, Jennifer Tilly, Elias Koteas, Jake Busey, Crispin Glover, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Most recently he was a stunt performer and co-fight coordinator for the last "Dreger" fight in "Sherlock Holmes," and was the movement consultant for the entire cast of "The Soloist," including Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx.

Other projects include performances in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights," "Quest for Camelot," "Dark Mist," and "The Eggplant Lady;" sword foley consultant for "Rob Roy;" stunt coordinator for "I Like To Play Games," "Fast Sofa," "Relax - It's Just Sex," "Boy Crazy - Girl Crazier," "Circuit," "The Transformation" (written and directed by Barry Strugatz ["She-Devil," "Married to the Mob"]); and music video "What Did I Do to You" (by En Vogue singer Terry Ellis); and actor/swordmaster for "The King's Guard."

Mr. Goodwin has choreographed Off Broadway and regional theatre productions, the Utah Shakespearean Festival, East-West Players, Theatre Forty, the Mark Taper Forum, the Repertory Theater of St. Louis, USC, UCLA, and the Fight Captain for the L.A. Opera. In addition, Mr. Goodwin has studied T'ai Chi Ch'uan for the last 30 years and currently teaches Yang Short Form through his kwoon, Tao West Arts (

Stephen HandStephen Hand

Stephen Hand was born in Hobart, Tasmania in 1964. In 1979 he joined a medieval re-enactment group and soon came to the conclusion that medieval swordsmanship must have been more sophisticated than the fighting re-enactors were doing. For several years he studied modern fencing and kendo before discovering that there were surviving historical fencing manuals. Rapidly coming to the conclusion that there were no worthwhile secondary sources Stephen decided to analyse two of these manuals, George Silver’s Bref Instruction Upon my Paradoxes of Defence and Vincentio Saviolo His Practise line by line. A series of articles by Stephen, analysing the latter manual was published in the magazine Hammerterz Forum between 1997 and 1999. Stephen is the editor of, and a major contributor to, SPADA: An Anthology of Swordsmanship, a journal dedicated to the most current research on western swordsmanship. He has contributed essays to Master of Defence: The Works of George Silver, edited by fellow Stoccata member Paul Wagner and to Teaching and Interpreting Historical Swordsmanship, an upcoming book of essays. Medieval Sword and Shield: The Combat System of Royal Armouries MS I.33 an interpretive book by Paul Wagner and Stephen Hand was published in early 2004 and Stephen has done additional research on the I.33 system in his new paper, Re-interpretation of some aspects of the sword and buckler system of manuscript I.33. Stephen’s new book, English Swordsmanship: The True Fight of George Silver is due to be published in September 2005.

Since May 2000 Stephen has been travelling around the world on a regular basis to teach historical fencing at swordplay symposia and in his own seminars. In 2003 Stephen made writing and teaching fencing a full time career. At the start of 2004 he returned to his old home city of Hobart in Tasmania where he currently runs Stoccata's Hobart branch. Stephen is married with two children.

Gregory HoffmanGregory Hoffman

Gregory Hoffman has been teaching and directing in Universities, Dramatic Conservatories, and Theaters in Europe, Asia, and the United States since 1984. After studying Anthropology, Fine Arts and Theatre at Stanford University, with further studies of Movement Arts in New York City, and studies of Classical Theatre in London, Gregory has worked as a Theatrical Producer, Director, Fight Director, Movement Coach, Theatrical Combat Instructor, and now Independent Filmmaker. Gregory has extensive training in Martial Arts and Dance and is also an instructor of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Laban-Bartenieff Movement Studies.

Gregory is the Founder and President of Dueling Arts International, a company that trains actors, fight directors and teachers worldwide. He is also a Founding, and Honorary Member of the Nordic Stage Fight Society, and is currently helping to form a similar organization in Japan. Gregory was also a Recognized Fight Director and Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors for 15 years and spent 12 years as the Resident Fight Director and Instructor at The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. He is the winner of numerous awards and has earned over 200 theatre credits in the last 10 years alone.

In 1991 Gregory co-directed along with noted Sword Master, Mike Loades, the feature length educational video, “Blow By Blow Guide to Swordfighting 'In a Renaissance Style'.” In 2005 he released thru Dueling Arts Videos, “And They Fight”, a comprehensive 23 hr. instructional DVD Series on Theatrical Swordfighting covering Medieval Broadsword, Rapier and Dagger of The Renaissance, Transitional Single Rapier, and The Smallsword of The Restoration, which he wrote, produced, directed and edited. In January of 2006, Gregory released his first independent feature film “Upside Out” featuring Olympia Dukakis and is now currently in post-production on another educational DVD covering Theatrical Techniques of The Quarterstaff.

In addition to his ongoing work with Dueling Arts International he recently founded True Edge Pictures, a Los Angeles based independent film company dedicated to developing and producing period style action films.

Jonathan HowellJonathan Howell

Jonathan Howell is a professional dancer, actor, choreographer, fight arranger and director - working primarily in British Theatre for nearly forty years. Some of his favourite work includes playing the Tango Dancer in Evit', Nijinsky in Clownmaker, Cyrano, Porthos, the left-hand of Clueless the Donkey in The Muppet's Treasure Island; Fight directing favourites: Romeo & Juliet for Northern Ballet Theatre & both Romeo og Julie & The Nutcracker for the Norwegina National Ballet. He also Freelances as a Teacher of Stage Fighting; America, Canada, Japan, and for the Nordic Stage Fight Society - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Estonia. At present, he is Full-time at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, responsible for Stage Combat & Fight directing - Historical Dance & Period Movement. He is the author of Stage Fighting, a Practical Guide obtainable from Amazon. He has been teaching at Paddy Crean Workshops since 1993, as a guest of Brad Waller in Washington DC & at the Folger Library; Niagara-on-the-Lake, Edinburgh and Banff. Jonathan was the recipient of the Paddy Crean Award in 2006.

Steve HuffSteve Huff

Steve Huff has over 30 years martial arts training in both Eastern and Western martial systems as well modern “real world” self defense and modern combatives systems. He has been teaching various types of martial arts internationally for the past 15 years during which time he also owned and operated the Universal Martial Study Center – a training facility dedicated to the research, study and practice of both Eastern and Western martial systems.

Steve holds instructor rankings in several martial arts (both traditional and modern), including an Expert Instructor ranking in Hock Hochheims Scientific Fighting Congress – one of the foremost organizations for modern close quarter combatives and self defense in the world. He also has spent many years training under internationally renowned edged weapons expert Colonel Dwight Mclemore, and has been recognized by Col. Mclemore as a full instructor in the School of Two Swords Circle of Steel curriculum. Steve’s background in Eastern martial arts includes many years of study in traditional Japanese and Chinese empty hand and weapons martial systems where he received advanced rankings (black belt and equivalent rankings) in several styles.

For the past 12 years, Steve has been focusing on some of the more obscure fighting systems including the fighting arts of early and colonial America, gladiatorial combat and early maritime combat. He has taught and lectured on these subjects at various workshops and seminars as well as various colleges and universities and has gained international recognition for his work in these areas. Steve also regularly conducts workshops and seminars for military, law enforcement and security personnel on close quarter combatives with an emphasis on hand to hand, knife/counter knife, stick/baton and other elements of modern combat as well as self defense seminars for civilians.

Spencer HummSpencer Humm

Spence is one third of the comedy swordfighting duo Hack and Slash and is a certified teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors. He has also been awarded advanced certifications in stage combat from the Society of British Fight Directors and Fight DIrectors Canada. He has provided instruction in safe theatrical combat at George Mason University, Catholic University, The American University Summer Repertory Theatre, Washington and Lee University, The National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Western Maryland College, McDaniels College, The University of Maryland, St. Mary's College, The Shakespeare Theatre Professional Training Program and Canada's National Banff Centre for the Performing Arts.

He is a lifelong martial artist and has trained in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Aikido, Judo, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and Russian Systema.

Spence's skills include fights for the camera, sword work, military special ops combat techniques, bullwhip and board breaking.

As a skydiver, he has done freefall stunts for DVD’s and commercials and currently lives half of the year at Skydive City in Florida. Spencer’s comedy can be found at and

Eric JohnsonEric Johnson

Perere (Eric Michael Johnson) has something like 17 years practicing kenjutsu and has achieved Okuden graduation in the Toda-ha Buko-ryu: a 400+ years old school of koryu bujutsu (classical Japanese Warrior Combatives). He is also a practitioner of Brazilian Capoeira Angola (and related deviltry) since 1989 and is one of the few North Americans to achieve the level of Contra Mestre - he has been teaching capoeira to adults and kids since 1993. For 8 years he was an instructor at the International Stuntschool, teaching a diverse range of stunt skills, including: highfalls, firestunts, martial arts, stunt tumbling, and trampoline.

Moonlighting as a Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator over the years, he has worked on a wide variety of indie films, commercials, and multi-media projects: mostly dealing with his getting set on fire, getting pounded on, or plummeting from high ledges. Now-a-days, true to his bohemian nature - when not teaching capoeira & swordsmanship in Portland Oregon, he's buried in his studies of Eastern, Western & African occult esoterica or hiking around in the Cascade mountains & caves.

Kristoffer JørgensenKristoffer Jorgensen

Kristoffer Jørgensen (NOR) has put fight scenes together all his working life, covering some 150 stage productions, more than 60 films and TV productions, and top medal positions in 5 international championships in stage fencing. He is head of the Arctic Action Stunt Team, which as offices in Tromsø (Norway) and Reykjavik (Iceland), and divides his time between stunt coordination, fight choreography and teaching. A Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS) certified teacher, he is also mentor for NSFS teacher trainees. Has sword, will travel - he has done seminars on stage combat and stunt work throughout Scandinavia, in Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Canada and Russia. In 1992-93 he lived in Japan, training kendo and aikido intensively; he´s a black belt holder in aikido. From 2002 to 2010 he also worked as a performer in contemporary circus, touring Norway, Estonia, Finland, Russia and Japan. He has a degree in Theatre History from the University of Oslo, specializing in the fight scenes of Shakespeare and medieval popular theatre. Kristoffer also dabbles in directing and producing films; his short film "Brothers in Arms" won both the Best Film and Best Fight awards at the 2014 Combat Con in Las Vegas.

Casey KalebaCasey Kaleba

Casey Kaleba is a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors and a regular at the Paddy Crean Workshop since 1996. A professional fight director and theatre instructor in the Washington DC area. With more than three hundred professional, academic, and community productions his work as a choreographer includes the Folger Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Round House Theatre, Signature, Studio 2ndStage and four seasons with the National Players. He has served as grand guignol advisor and blood effects coordinator for shows with Rude Mechanicals, Doorway Arts Ensemble, dog and pony dc,and Molotov Theatre, as well as Rorschach Theatre where he is a company member. University productions include the University of Maryland at College Park and Baltimore County, American, Catholic, Gallaudet, Howard, and McDaniel College.

He has taught stage combat, acting, theatre history and dramatic literature at George Mason University, University of Maryland, Shepherd University and Old Dominion University and in 2013 will be instructing the graduate students at Regent University. He has presented academic papers on Elizabethan and Victorian combat while pursuing his doctorate in Theatre History. In addition to serving as a creative consuktant at the Folger Library and as a Master Teaching Artist with the Shakespeare Theatre Company, Casey has been a guest instructor for both Fight Directors Canada and the Nordic Stagefight Society and is a graduate of the International Stunt School.

Along with Matthew Wilson, Casey co-founded Tooth & Claw Combat Arts, which runs the largest public stage combat training program in the Washington area. They recently organized and hosted the SAFD workshop ‘Bond vs Bourne,’ training students in advanced unarmed, knife, parkour and firearms. More information can be found at

Mary KarczMary Karcz

Mary Karcz has been lit on fire over 100 times. She has trained with stage combat societies in London, England; Sydney, Australia and across Canada and the United States of America. Mary spent five months of 2007 performing in a live stunt show in Dalian, China. She instructs at the International Stunt School and at the University of Minnesota. Mary has choreographed violence for various theater and independent film companies.

Jared KirbyJared Kirby

Jared Kirby has been involved in Western Martial Arts and Combat for Stage & Screen for over fifteen years. He has trained across the US and Europe with some of the finest instructors in these Arts.

He currently teaches fencing at SUNY Purchase and is a certified instructor through the Martinez Academy of Arms. Jared also has an ongoing Combat for Stage & Screen class in New York City. He teaches a variety of workshops across the US and around the world including Canada, England, Scotland, Finland and Italy. He has taught at the Paddy Crean International Art of the Sword Workshop, the International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention (ISMAC), Rapier Camp and the Western Washington WMA Workshop just to name a few.

Jared is the editor and one of the translators of "Italian Rapier Combat", the first complete, professional translation of Capo Ferro. He is also the editor and wrote the introduction for "The School of Fencing" by Domenico Angelo and annotated by Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez. For more information, see Martinez Academy of Arms or

He is the co-coordinator of the International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention in Detroit, MI. This workshop, created in 2000, brings together the finest instructors from around the world for one of the largest annual Western Martial Arts workshops. He is also the president of CombatCon. Jared is also a member of the Association for Historical Fencing.

Tim KlotzTim Klotz

Tim works internationally as a fight director. He creates fights for theatre, ballet, opera, film, video games and television. His approach is unique, and is best known for his cutting edge approach to acting a fight scene. Credits include Shakespeare’s Globe, Lyric Hammersmith, Royal Festival Hall, Haymraket Theatre Basingstoke, Nashville Ballet, Comedy Theatre London, and The Tobacco Factory Bristol, BBC, Channel 4.

Born in New York, Tim studied method acting in the US and went on to the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where he also apprenticed as a stage combat teacher. Tim is resident fight director at The Drama Centre; London’s leading Drama School for the methodical approach to acting. More recently he has studied Sanford Meisner’s approach to acting with Tom Radcliffe.

As an educator, Tim staffs and creates workshops and events in the UK, US, Canada, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, and the Netherlands. His classes are challenging and dynamic, focusing as much on acting as combat. Drama Schools include Drama Centre London, Oxford School of Drama, and Movement classes at Actors Temple London.

From time to time Tim has provided casting assistance for productions seeking action actors and motion capture performers, including Kingdom of Heaven and Alexander. Work in motion capture for video games includes Medieval Total War II, Spartan Total Warrior, Killzone 2, and Shellshock 2.

Tim is a campaigner for fair competition in fight directing.

Michelle LaddMichelle Ladd

Michelle Ladd has been working as a professional director, choreographer and performer of acting, dance, stunts, and staged combat for over 15 years with a specialty in motion capture. She has worked throughout North America, Britain, Scandinavia, and Asia. Credits include Motion Capture Stunt Coordinator for Thor, Motion Capture Director for Pirates of the Carribean 3, Hereafter, and Mummy 3-Return of the Dragon Emperor; Mocap Director and Producer for Japan’s Biohazard-Degeneration (Resident Evil); Mocap Combat Choreographer for The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings – Return of the King; performer with Varneville/Carteret Viking Fest – Freiki Klan, Denmark; fight instruction and demonstration for Parnü Vöitlus in Estonia; and featured guest for an article in Korea's Theatre magazine.

John Scott LennoxJohn Scott Lennox

John Lennox has trained in various forms of swordplay for over 25 years. Beginning with the katana, he later moved into the western weapon styles. Through his involvement in stage combat for theatre over the past 22 years he began to study a myriad of weapons. He is a Fight Director for Art of Combat, an Honorary Fight Director with the Australian Stage Combat Association, and he has taught stage combat at Indiana University/Purdue- Ft. Wayne, Lansing Community College, Jackson Community College, Centenary College and Wayne State University.

He is an instructor with the Historical Maritime Combat Association, specializing in Single vs. Double Weapons, Naval Smallsword and combat against multiple opponents, as well as an expert level knife instructor for the School of Two Swords. Over the past few years he has focused on unarmed combat theory as well as fighting with knife and tomahawk. His recent research includes German smallsword and Aztec/Mayan combat systems. Since 2006 he has been teaching at workshops all over the world, including the Paddy Crean International Art of the Sword Workshop, The Shenandoah Project, the Symposium on the Western Arts of Swordsmanship through History (S.W.A.S.H.) in Leeds, England, and numerous Boarding Actions and knife/tomahawk workshops in Scotland, England, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and Canada.

He is the author of A History of Stage Swordplay: Shakespeare to the Birth of Film, and has presented several lectures at symposiums and conferences. He is currently working on publishing a book on fight direction and is also co-authoring a book on boarding tactics from the 17th through 19th centuries entitled By Sword and Tomahawk with Gareth Thomas and Steve Huff.

He is routinely called in to colleges and universities for workshops on historical combat and stage combat. John holds a PhD in Theatre with cognate studies in historical fencing from Wayne State University.

Daniel LevinsonDaniel Levinson

Daniel Levinson is the current president as well as one of eight certified Fight Masters with Fight Directors Canada, Daniel has been performing, directing and teaching stage combat professionally since 1991. He is the owner of Rapier Wit, Canada’s oldest stage combat school, and a founding member of the Riot A.C.T. stunt team. Daniel has worked with such theatre companies as The Stratford Festival, Mirvish, Canadian Stage, Volcano Theatre, Actors Repertory Company, Second City, A.C.T. Productions, Shakespeare In the Square, Factory Theatre, and Tarragon Theatre. He has taught stage combat at schools and workshops across Canada and internationally, and is the resident stage combat instructor for the Sheridan College Musical Theatre program, UTM’s Theatre and Drama Studies Program, and the University of Waterloo. Workshop highlights include the Fight Directors Canada National Workshops (Banff, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Victoria), the International Scuola Brancaleoni Stage Combat Workshop (Italy), the Paddy Crean International Art of the Sword Workshop (Banff), and as a Guest instructor at Brock University, Niagara University, Boston University, and Arcadia University. Daniel is a graduate of York University’s BFA Acting Conservatory Program.

Please look up Daniel at Rapierwit for more information or upcoming events at Rapier Wit.

Cecil LonginoCecil Longino

Cecil's formal martial arts training began with his study of Tae Kwon Do from Grand Master Kyu Il Cho in 1983. It was this strict training and formal environment that would inform his judgment to seek out quality instruction in all his future endeavors. In subsequent years, Cecil continued his exploration of Eastern martial arts; however, while living in Germany, he became captivated with the notion of European historical fencing. In 1994, from the University of North Florida, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Drama with a focus on Elizabethan stagecraft. Founder of the Elizabethan reenactment troupe, Blood, Love & Rhetoric, Cecil has spent many years examining various aspects of Elizabethan society and culture: literature, philosophy, dance and fence. He founded the Academia della Spada in 1998 to focus on reconstructing the rapier play of Vincentio Saviolo, a well known Italian fencing master teaching in London at the end of the 16th Century. In 2003 Cecil felt compelled to seriously pursue formal training under Maestro Ramon Martinez and Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez. He is currently a Certified Instructor in French foil and French smallsword with the Martinez Academy of Arms in New York and is also an active board member of the Association for Historical Fencing, an organization dedicated to preserving the arts of classical and historical fencing.

In his teaching he strives to connect the art of fencing back to the greater historical mindset from which it was developed, because it is crucial to keep in mind that every martial art is a child of the specific culture that gave it birth, and therefore should adhere to a particular ideal esthetic in its form, movement, and manner inherited from its parent culture.

Jeannette Acosta-MartinezJeannette Acosta-Martinez

Jeannette Acosta-Martínez is a traditional master of arms, teaching classical and historical fencing. She began her training in 1982 under the tutelage of Maître d’Armes Frederick Rohdes, and after his death in 1984, continued with his protégé Maestro Ramón Martínez. In all, Maestro Acosta-Martínez has spent nearly three decades studying traditional fencing, both classical and historical. In 1995, she became an instructor at the Martínez Academy of Arms, the Academy’s business manager, and the chief assistant at all Maestro Martínez’s demonstrations and seminars.

In preparation for her Provost and Master certification, Maestro Acosta-Martínez devoted herself to learning the art of teaching, as well as extensively researching the fencing treatises of the classical and historical periods. In January 1999, she was instrumental in orchestrating a historical fencing exposition at St. Peter’s College, New Jersey, which had international participation and featured demonstrations not seen in public for more than 100 years. In May of 2000, she received her Master’s certification from the International Masters at Arms Federation and a second certification from the Martínez Academy of Arms the following November, thus becoming the only other Master certified to teach the Rohdes system of classical fencing and the Martínez system of Spanish rapier fence. Maestro Acosta-Martínez is also on the Board of Directors of the Association for Historical Fencing and was one of the original founding members of the International Masters at Arms Federation


In addition to being a master of arms she is also a professional restorer of antique furniture who specializes in works of the 17th and 18th centuries. This, together with her interest in antique weapons, led her to the study of fencing.

Ramon MartinezRamon Martinez

Ramón Martínez is a traditional master of arms, teaching classical and historical fencing. He studied with the late Maître d’Armes Frederick Rohdes in New York City for ten years. Maître Rohdes was one of the last fencing masters to teach fencing as a martial art. During that time Maestro Martínez became assistant and protégé of Maître Rohdes and was the only one of his pupils permitted to teach with full authorization at the Rohdes Academy. In late 1982, shortly before his death, Maître Rohdes conferred the rank of Fencing Master on Maestro Martínez.

Maestro Martínez is an inheritor of a "Living Tradition" generations old and a highly respected scholar of historical fencing. He has devoted nearly four decades to the study, practice and teaching of classical and historical fencing. In addition to the instruction in historical fencing that he received during his training with Maître Rohdes, he has also done and continues to conduct extensive research in historical fencing. His goal and responsibility is to teach, promote, and preserve these rare martial arts.

He is the world's preeminent authority on the Spanish school of fencing La Verdadera Destreza. He has brought more international recognition and respect for the Spanish school than any other master and swordsman within the last one hundred and fifty years. He has specifically devoted over a quarter of a century to the research, reconstruction and resurrection of this unique school.

Maestro Martínez is the director of the Martinez Academy of Arms in New York City. He is on the Board of Directors of the Association for Historical Fencing, founded to promote, preserve and revive classical and historical fencing.

Roberto Marinez LoyoRoberto Martinez Loyo

Roberto Martinez-Loyo has studied Western Martial Arts since 2003. As a youngster, he studied Tae Kwon Do for many years, both in Mexico and in Upstate NY, USA. In 2001 he trained as a professional stunt performer with the United Stuntmen’s Association, and has worked professionally since then. He has acquired further training with several other instructors, becoming both a stunt performer and a stunt coordinator. A member of the IOSP (International Order of the Sword and Pen), Art of Combat (Lansing Chapter), Western Martial Arts Coalition, and the HEMA Alliance,he was the co-founder and head instructor of the Brotherhood of Warriors (Hermandad de Guerreros) and is co-founder and one of two head instructors for EFC-Mexico (Elite Fencing Club). He has taught at several workshops and seminars both in Mexico and abroad, such as the National Western Martial Arts Seminar (SAMO) and the Underground Fencing, amongst others, as well as giving private instruction and offering workshops as invited instructor in different events. Internationally, he has been asked to teach at prestigious events such as the Fechtschule America 2012, the COMBATCON, the Sentiment du Fer, the Pacific North West HEMA Alliance Gathering ,the HEFFAC Event 2013, SoCal and Dijon 2014. He has also been asked as invited instructor at AMEK and Arts of Mars.

Roberto continues his instruction and training in HEMA by participating regularly in different venues and tournaments such as the International Sword and Martial Arts Convention (ISMAC), the First Open International Gathering, the Fechtshule America, the Combat Con (where he came in third at the 2011 and first in the 2012 longsword tournament) and the Paddy Crean Workshop, amongst many others.

He is currently developing a fighting system with the Chimalli and Maquahuitl (Aztec Shield and Sword), developing it based on interpretation of available codex and images, as well as practical understanding of the weapon system, working alongside different people to develop “safe” training wasters for these weapons.

Braun McAshBraun McAsh

Mr. McAsh has been a professional actor and fight choreographer since 1976.

Originally trained in theatrical combat techniques at the School of Dramatic Art (University of Windsor) and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, (London, England) he has also trained as the personal student of some of the most experienced fight choreographers and weapons masters in the world. While an actor at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, he trained for over four years as the personal student of the legendary Paddy Crean, Stratford's resident fight director. He also studied with William Hobbs, one of the finest film choreographers. His original master was the Hungarian olympic fencing coach, Maestro Istvan Danosi.

He has studied the art of the sword and done research into historically authentic sword technique in museums all over the world, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, England, Scotland and Wales, the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to sword skills, Mr. McAsh has studied unarmed combat for over 40 years and holds two advanced black belts. His arts include Iaido, Aikido, Hwa Rang Do, Shoto Kan, Wing Chung and Hung Gar Kung Fu and Arnis. He has served in the U.S. army (Airborne Ranger, Recon) and the Canadian Army Reserve. (Infantry, Armoured and Intelligence) He is also a firearms expert.

Mr. McAsh has choreographed fights for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, the Shaw Festival, the National Opera Company, and regional theatres large and small throughout Canada. He has also choreographed extensively for film and television, being best known as the Swordmaster for the TV series "HIGHLANDER" for seasons 3 through 6 and the fourth HIGHLANDER movie, ENDGAME. He has also choreographed for video games and animated features.

As an instructor of theatrical technique he has taught in over 30 institutions as a guest artist including the University of Windsor, University of Guelph, Ryerson University, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Lengara College, Simon Fraser University and the Vancouver Film School.

He currently has over 120 professional credits as a fight choreographer and over 100 as a professional actor. He was also the co-founder of the Society of Canadian Fight Directors and is currently on the Artistic Advisory Board of the International Order of the Sword and the Pen.

Mr. McAsh has received two Canada Council research grants and has also been awarded the Ontario Arts Council Award, the Theatre Ontario Award, the Sir Tyrone Guthrie Award, the City of Stratford Theatre Award, the Theatre BC Best Performance by and Actor Award and has been nominated for a Jessica Richardson Theatre Award. He is also a published author and writer and is currently finishing a book on the artistic process of fight choreography.

Paul MacDonaldPaul MacDonald

Paul Macdonald was born in 1972, and raised in the West Highland village of Glenuig, Moidart, Scotland. He began his study of fencing in the 1992 at Napier University, in Edinburgh, founding and running the University club as President and principal instructor for 2 1/2 years. With an ever-growing interest in historical swordsmanship, he founded the Dawn Duellists Society in 1994, and ran the DDS as President until 2006.

Since 1994, Macdonald has dedicated his path to European martial arts, travelling throughout the UK, Europe, Canada and the US to research, study, practice, present seminars and demonstrations and teach. He has studied most styles of historical European combat and revived the methods and techniques of several lost systems, such as the medieval duelling shield, the spada in arme, dusack and backsword. In 1998, Macdonald founded the British Federation for Historical Swordplay, serving as its President from 1998 - 2004. He received his Master-at-Arms certification from the Italian Federation for Ancient and Historical Fencing (FISAS) in 1999 and established the Macdonald Academy of Arms in 2001.

Maestro Macdonald is one of the founders of the International Masters-at-Arms Federation and a fencing advisor to the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts. He is a fight director with Art of Combat and a member of the Association for Historical Fencing. He is also the proprietor of Macdonald Armouries.

When not making swords or teaching, Macdonald enjoys gliding, for which he holds a solo pilot's licence.

Kev McKurdyKev McKurdy

Kevin is an Equity professional Fight Director. He primarily trained as an actor at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama from 1988 – 1991 and was assisting the fight master during that period. After treading the boards in various productions, he gained his Combat Teacher status in 1993 and gained his Professional Fight Directors status in 1996. Kevin has been Royal Welsh Colleges’ resident fight master since 2005 and has worked on a variety of stage, TV and film projects around the UK and abroad. He has been recently working on Miss Saigon for Cameron Mackintosh and also at Shakespeare’s Globe and Royal Shakespeare Company for the year.

Theatre includes: Macbeth, Mogadishu (World premiere), To Kill A Mockingbird A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, The Three Musketeers, Of Mice and Men, Sleeping Beauty, Dick Whittington, A View From The Bridge, The Pirates of Penzance, Taboo (original UK tour), Batman Live World Arena Tour (World Premiere UK & USA tour), Picnic, Beasts and Beauties, Oliver, House and Garden, Orange, The Grapes of Wrath, The Art of Success, The Last Pirate, Quadrophenia (World Premiere), The Birthday Party, It’s Not The End Of The World, Women Beware Women, Vincent in Brixton, Cysgod Y Cryman, Look Back In Anger, We The People, Beauty and The Beast, Cyrano De Bergerac, Killer Joe, West Side Story, Suspension, The Frontline (World Premiere), As You Like It, Troillus and Cressida, Bedlam, Helen, Treasure Island, Hamlet (World tour), The Heart of Robin Hood (World Premiere RSC/ Norway / Sweden), Twelfth Night, Marat Sade, Comedy of Errors, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, Cause Celebres, Peter Pan, Julius Caesar (UK/USA/Russia tour), The Incredible Dr Guttman, Jack and The Beanstalk, Animal Farm (Switzerland), Anne Boleyn, Rape Of The Fair Country, King Lear (UK/Middle east tour), The Taming of The Shrew (UK/Europe tour), The Lightning Child (World Premiere), Aladdin, The Crucible, Miss Saigon (World Premiere 25th year celebration).

Feature Films includes: John Carter of Mars, Season of the Witch, Hunky Dory, Panic Button, Flick, Summer Scars, The Baker, Intergalactic Combat, Life Translated, A World Apart, Berserkers Film and Television includes: Doctor Who Christmas Special, Torchwood, Becoming Human, Belonging, Being Human, The Bench, High Hopes, The Story of Tracy Beaker, Hearts of Gold, Carrie’s War, Pobol Y Cwm, Rhyw a Dinosaurs, Jara, Y Pris, Caerdydd, Pen Taler, Gwaith Cartref, Alys, CCTV, Camelot, Baker Boys, Switch, Hollyoaks, Hollyoaks After Dark, Hinterland, Crud Yr Awel

Films for Television include: Textual @ttraction, Ellen, Bitch, Arthurs’ Dyke (HTV), A Way of Life (BBC), Arwyr (S4C), Colonial Gods (USA).

Opera includes: Woyzzeck, Die Fledermaus, Rigoletto, Tristan Und Isolde, The Cunning Little Vixen, Don Giovanni, Lulu, Carmen

Jeff 'Ish' McKrackenJeff McKracken

Jeff ‘Ish’ McKracken is a SAG actor and stuntman for film, television, and recently as the fight arranger for a video game. When he isn’t on fire, falling off buildings, or getting punched he works frequently as a stunt rigger, designing and operating rigs that fly actors and professional sports mascots through the air. He was also an active member of the SAFD for 11 years and since 2002 has worked for David Boushey as the coordinator for the International Stunt School and as one of its principal instructors.

Robert NajarianRob Najarian

Mr Najarian is very active as a professional actor, fight choreographer and educator in Boston and New England. He has taught Stage Combat and Movement at Boston University, Emerson College, Bowdoin College and the Boston Academy for the Arts.

Mr. Najarian received his M.F.A. from The Shakespeare Theatre's Academy for Classical Acting at The George Washington University and his B.A. from Bowdoin College. He has trained at numerous regional SAFD workshops and several international workshops, most recent he attended Scuola Brancaleoni in Piobbicco, Italy. He trained for two weeks in various weapon styles including military saber and bound fighting, and trained extensively in fight choreography with instructors Jonathan Howell (England), Tim Klotz (England), and Daniel Levinson (Canada).

Recent Fight choreography includes; Don Giovanni (Boston University Opera), Take Me Out, Five by Tenn (Speakeasy Stage), Twelfth Night (Wellesley College Theatre), The Physicists, Hamlet, Slavs, Caligula (Harvard-Radcliffe Theatre), Tommy (Core Stage Company), Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar (Shakespeare Now! Theatre Company), Big Love (Brandeis Theatre Company), Popcorn (Bates College Theatre)

Peppe ÖstenssonPeppe Ostensson

Founder and past chairman of Nordic Stage Fight Society. Also Artistic Director for International Order of the Sword and Pen (IOSP) since 2001. Swedish born Peppe has worked as a teacher, actor and fight choreographer for theatre, television and film throughout Scandinavia. Started the international workshops in Sweden together with Maria Winton and Liv Wernborg. Beside creating and founding the International Nordic Stage Fight Summer program in 1992, he has taught at a number of stage fight workshops in Estonia, Canada and USA, and was made Honorary Fight Master by Fight Directors Canada in 2001. His credits include choreographing for The National theatre in Norway and Malmöbaletten in Sweden. Peppe was the first chairman of the NSFS (1995-97). In 2003 Peppe was re-elected chairman (Note: Peppe is not the current Chairman of the NSFS). He has coordinated the NSFS teacher certification tests.

Fabio PiresFabio Pires

Fabio Pires is an actor, model and fight choreographerfor stage, tv and film.

Fabio Pires is a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina MFA program in acting. He has performed at the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Florida Repertory Theatre, Virginia Shakespeare Festival, and Savannah Shakespeare Festival, to name a few. He has performed in over a dozen plays by Shakespeare, playing such roles as Hamlet, Edgar (King Lear), Armado (Love's Labours' Lost), Valentine (Two Gentlemen of Verona), Demetrius (Midsummer Night's Dream), Dromio of Ephesus (The Comedy of Errors) He is an advanced actor combatant recognized by the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD), and a free-lance fight choreographer. Recently, he served as dialect coach for the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre's production of The Clean House.

Thomas PotterThomas Potter

MCpl (retd), PPCLI, 3rd Batt & 2nd Batt., CDN Forces

With over 20 years experience in the film industry and 8 years in the Canadian Forces, Thomas J. Potter is an ideal choice for technical advisor for your production. He is widely experienced in police and military tactics and movement, explosives, demolition, as well as proper deployment of all current and historic weapons and explosives. He is also an accomplished swordmaster, and skilled in a variety of hand-to-hand weaponry and combat.

Thomas’ first 5 years in the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) was spent with the 3rd Battalion where he spent most of his time in the Reconnaissance (Recce) platoon, applying and perfecting his recon skills. His counterparts in the US Army were A company, 2nd of the 75th Rangers in Fort Lewis, Washington and the Marine Corp out of Camp Pendelton, training in desert warfare and landing craft techniques.

In the last 3 years of service he spent overseas with PPCLI 2nd Battalion, where he was initially in command of a section in a rifle company. He then again returned to Recce as a Recce Patrol Commander , Battalion Sniper and Recce Int NCO. His counterparts overseas were the Royal Marine Commandos, Royal Green Jackets, as well as other US Marine units and German and Canadian armored units. In Germany he was requested to do a sniper demonstration for the Israeli Minister of National Defense.

Since his retirement from the military he’s kept current regarding the developments in the world of civilian and military tactics and weapons deployment. There is a big difference between the objectives of law enforcement and military personnel and as such he continues to train and maintain SWAT tactics and movement. He also has several assistants who’ve recently been deployed overseas in combat ops working with and training various local military units that can serve as cadre for modernized action set pieces.

Although there are a variety of individuals in the film industry who may have similar experience to Mr. Potter, none of these people have combined the artistic/performer mentality with the application of authentic, realistic and dynamic action performance to the extent that Thomas J. Potter insists upon.

Nigel PoultonNigel Poulton

Nigel is an award winning fight director, weapon and movement specialist and actor. He has particular expertise in edged weapon use, classical, historical and theatrical swordplay, kinesthetic movement processes, and combat systems and has worked internationally over the last eight years. Nigel is a practitioner of Vsevelod Meyerhold’s Theatrical Biomechanics system, having trained intensively with the system’s current custodian. He is a registered Instructor, Fight Director and past President of the Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc. and has been certified with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and is a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors. Nigel is also a classically trained fencer under the tutorship of Maestri Ramon and Jeanette Martinez of New York City.

Choreography credits include, amongst others, The (New York City) Metropolitan Opera (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012), the New York City Ballet (2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012), the Bell Shakespeare Company (Company Fight Director since 2003), Washington Opera Company (2002 tour of Japan), Opera Australia, Circus Oz, Melbourne Theatre Company, Sydney Theatre Company, Queensland Theatre Company, Belvoire Street, La Boite Theatre (Brisbane), Playbox Theatre (Melbourne), and Kooemba Jdarra (Brisbane).

Since 2007, Nigel has been part of the Weapons Specialists Ltd creative team (New York), gaining experience on productions including: The Good Wife (Scott Free Productions), Person of Interest (Kilter Films), One Shot (Paramount Pictures), Boardwalk Empire (HBO), Salt (Columbia Pictures), I Am Legend (Warner Bros. Pictures), Sopranos – 1997 Season (HBO), The Ministers, (Collective), 30 Rock (Broadway Video), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Wolf Films), and Fall Down Dead (New Films International). In 2011 Nigel worked on The Bourne Legacy (Bourne Film Productions) as a Technical (tactical) Advisor and Vikingdom (KRU Studios) as Swordmaster.

Nigel has been graded a Stunt Action Person with MEAA and has been studying and teaching various martial and combat systems for over 15 years and has been on faculty (part-time) as resident stage combat instructor at the University of Southern Queensland since 2001. Nigel was the stage combat instructor at the National Institute of Dramatic Art from 2000 to 2003, and has been a guest teacher at institutions such as The John F Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts and The Shakespeare Theatre Academy for Classical Acting (Washington DC). Nigel is also a past coordinator of the Paddy Crean International Workshop and Symposium and has been a regular guest presenter at various historical swordplay conferences throughout Australia. Nigel was also a guest presenter at the 2006 World Shakespeare Congress.

Most recently Nigel directed and performed in a play he co-wrote – Dead Cargo – as part of the 2011 Metro Arts Independents program. In 2009 he won the award for Best Director at the 2009 Brisbane Short + Sweet Festival. The play also won best lead actor and best Drama. Nigel is a trained actor, with a variety of performance training and skills including clowning, improvisational comedy, mask work (Commedia, Le coq and Basel), slapstick, and street theatre. He has been a core member of IZIT? Entertainment, a street theatre company based in Brisbane since 1998. In 1999 Nigel co-founded Schnapper Head (Australia), and toured Australia with the acclaimed production of Zoo-illogical in early 2000. He co-wrote and performed in Beware of Entrance of a Quarrel as part of the 2006 Shakespeare in Queens Park festival. Other theatre appearances include: Grin and Tonic in The Comedy of Errors (as part of the Robert Arthur memorial series); Trocadero Productions The Duchess of Malfi; Borderline Defamations In No Particular Order; and Kooemba Jdarra in Seems Like Yesterday.

Nigel has been the grateful recipient from the 2012 Melbourne Green Room Awards for outstanding contribution to the Melbourne stage, an Australia Council for the Arts grant and Queensland Arts Council grants in 2005 and 2008 to undertake continuing professional development with leading theatre practitioners throughout the world.

Niki J. PriceNiki J. Price

Niki-J is an actor, singer, musician, stage combat instructor and the SAFDi’s (Society of Australian Fight Directors inc.) only female fight director. Other areas include dialect coaching, direction and safety/movement consultation. Performance training includes a 2 year National Diploma in Performing Arts, Wales and a 3 year Diploma in Acting & Musical Theatre at Mountview Theatre School, London. Other specialised training includes singing, piano, voice, stage combat, clowning and dance. As an actor Niki-J has performed in various theatre and TV shows in the UK, Europe and Australia. In Australia Niki-J has performed with Queensland Theatre Company in We Were Dancing, A Christmas Carol, Puss in Boots and play readings, Trocadero’s production of The Duchess of Malfi, 4MBS Classic Players’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Prometheus Unbound and Amadeus, The Forwood Movement’s The Laramie Project, Grin & Tonic’s Monkey (2002 & 2006), Jason Klarwein’s adaptation of Kafka’s The Trial, Excerpts, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and readings: Titus Andronicus, Pericles, The Winters Tale and touring school shows throughout 2007 and 2008. Niki-J directed and fight directed Romeo & Juliet for the main house show in 2008 at Roma St. Parklands, school tours and more recently Richard III. October saw N-J as Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing at the Bulimba Shakespeare Festival with 4MBS Classic Players and performing the roles of Macbeth and Desdemona in the Anglican church with Grin & Tonic.

In 2009 N-J will perform in The Passion with aSpire Theatre, in Romeo & Juliet with 4MBS and another tour of Amadeus amongst other things!

As a singer/muso Niki-J writes original material for her band Valley Jones which made their debut at the Brisbane Cabaret Festival in October 2006.

Fight Direction by Niki-J has been provided for companies such as Grin & Tonic Theatre Troupe, Queensland Theatre Company, La Boite Theatre Company, QUT Creative Industries, University of Southern Queensland, pretend Productions, Debase Productions, Queensland Shakespeare Festival and international companies.

Randall ReadeRandell Reade

Randy Reade has been a Board member of the IOSP for about ten years and has helped steer it to its current size and importance. Randy is an attorney and businessman, and is open to dialogue on how to make IOSP grow financially and artistically in the coming years. He is the President of Zipzone Ltd, which helps IT companies develop global solutions, and was the Chair of the International Committee for the Northern Virginia Technology Council for three years.

Tina RobinsonTina Robinson

Singer and actress specializing in stage combat. US born Tina introduced Stagecombat to Peppe Östensson, and as a result the workshops in Sweden started. She was co-founder and has been a driving force for NSFS in Denmark for many years. Tina is a teacher in two societies, SAFD and NSFS. She was the chairwoman of NSFS between 2001-2003. Tina is the film safety representative for the Danish Actors Union. She also does some stunt work for film and television, teaches actors, children and handicapped persons and choreographs fights for theatre as well as training knights for live re-enactment shows. She performs fight shows as well as historical weaponry demonstrations for schools, institutions and medieval/viking museum centres. She has worked for the Danish Royal Armoury setting up demonstrations and performing shows in conjunction with special exhibitions. She is researching voice technique for stage fighting and does voiceovers for cartoons and such.

Ian RoseIan Rose

Ian has been staging fights in the New York and Philadelphia areas for over twenty-five years. Ian has arranged fights for commercials, for film and on stage. Ian's work has been seen at the Riverside Shakespeare and Interborough Repertory Theatre in New York City, the Bridewell Theatre in London, MTM Studios in Rome and closer to home, Olympia Dukakis' Whole Theatre in New Jersey,The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, The Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival, The Philadelphia Theatre Company and Novel Stages in Pennsylvania. He is a Fight Master with Fight Directors Canada and The Society of American Fight Directors.

Ian has had the honour to have taught at seven Canadian National Workshops, and is one of the coordinators of the Philadelphia Stage Combat Workshop. He continues to study and be fascinated by Shotokan Karate, where he currently holds a black belt, 3rd Degree.

Ian is an adjunct professor at Temple University.

For more information on Ian or the Philadelphia Stage Combat Workshop see: or

Kyle RowlingKyle Rowling

Kyle Rowling is an accomplished professional performer that began his involvement with the entertainment industry over 30 years ago. Kyle studied acting at ‘The Australian Conservatory of Actors and Screen Writers’ as well as ‘The Actors Centre Australia’ and has spent his entire life studying a variety of combat and martial arts. Kyle is an actor, director and Fight Director, the latter being his primary focus for the last 15 yrs, during which time he has taught Stage Combat and physical performance at NIDA, ACA, ACTT, VCA, STS, Screenwise and AFTRS amongst others. He is also one of Australia’s best and most respected Fight Directors, having choreographed almost 200 stage fights in the last 10 years for companies such as The Sydney Theatre Company (STC), Opera Australia, NIDA, Bell Shakespeare, The New Theatre, Griffin, Zenith and Ensemble Theatre, just to name a few.

Kyle has also performed in many stage and film projects. For stage, Kyle has performed for the STC in The White Devil-New York Tour, Don Juan and The Women of Troy and was the Fight Director and a performer in the 1996 (in Perth) and 2000 production of PAN which performed at the Capitol Theatre, Sydney. For Australian television he has appeared in Packed to the Rafters, the soon to be released Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, various TVC’s, the most recent a Mother Energy Drink Commercial and had a featured role in the first episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Kyle’s film work includes choreographing and performing fights as multiple body doubles in Star Wars Episodes II & III (primarily as the Count Dooku fight double for Christopher Lee) as well as working as Eric Bana's personal pre-shoot weapons trainer for Troy. He has also applied his talents in various ways to others films such as Wanted, Invincible and Gabriel.

Kyle is one of the founding Company Directors and Producers of the new Sydney Shakespeare company 'Bard on the Beach' and last years Macbeth was his first project as a director of a full production in which he also played the title role and he has just begun rehearsals on this years directorial project The Tragedy of Cymbleline.

Andrea Lupo Sinclair

Andrea Lupo-Sinclair is the founder & technical director of the Federazione Italiana Scherma Antica e Storica (FISAS), the Italian Ancient & Historical Fencing Federation. the first national independent Federation ever created in the world for the study and practice of the Historical and Traditional Fencing and of the Accademia Scherma Tradizionale "Manuela Lecchi".

Born in 1964 in Florence, Maestro Lupo-Sinclair has been training in Traditional Fencing for over 20 years; as a true pioneer of the Western Martial Arts revival he has conducted extensive researches of reliable teachers, old duellists, traditional systems and documents for the knowledge and teaching of the Art of Fencing since its roots.

Since 1985 Maestro Lupo-Sinclair studied and trained in traditional Italian Duelling Rapier (Spada all'Italiana), Northern Italian Dueling Sabre (Sciabola da Terreno), and practiced several martial disciplines, travelling for years throughout all Europe researching and reconstructing the old systems of fencing from the Traditional methods known and the study of period treatises, mostly of the Italian Schools, often having the opportunity of handling original historical weapons and training several times with sharps.

Maestro Lupo-Sinclair has a refined academic background in Classical Studies (Latin, Greek, History, Philosophy) and in Psychology. In addition he was educated in the interpretation of historical documents. He also uses his expertise in antique weapons to evaluate and authenticate pieces for museums and private collectors.

Stemming from his vast academic and practical study, Maestro Andrea Lupo-Sinclair has developed a method of teaching and training which can be used by any researcher, from the martial artist, to the fine artist, to the philosopher or historian. The "Sinclair Method" is not involved in any way whatsoever with modern competitive sport fencing, nor is it a hybrid of modern and traditional fencing. This discipline solely concerns itself with fencing as a martial art, encompassing all aspects of tradition and etiquette. Maestro Lupo Sinclair's didactical method is firmly based on his education, training, extensive research of historical documents and proven experiments.

Its focus is on four weapons which are the reconstructed systems of Longsword and Italian Sidesword, and the traditional systems of Italian Rapier and Duelling Sabre, with accurate steel replicas being used for training, practice and fencing.

The Maestro is also the designer of the FISAS blade, considered the best Rapier full contact training blade ever created in modern times. Recently he has also created steel Longsword and Sidesword foils for contact training and he has developed a complete fencing gear and equipment that set the standards for FISAS and other organisations in Europe for the safe practice of historical fencing.

Andrea Lupo Sinclair is a founder, coordinator and promoter of the IMAF. He is a member of the Martinez Academy of Arms and Association for Historical Fencing (USA), and British Federation for Historical Swordplay (UK). He is also M.C.T. of the American Chivalric Order, and a member of the Advisors Council of the Swordplay Symposium International.

Rick SkeneRick Skene

Rick is the leading stunt coordinator in central Canada. He has been Stunt Coordinating for film and television for over 25 years with over 150 feature film and series credits. His expertise covers a wide range of stunt work, including car stunts, body burns, wire work, high falls, and fight choreography. He also a highly respected stunt driver and works frequently in this capacity designing and executing major chase/crash sequences He often works as second unit director planning the shots and directing the shooting of stunt and fight sequences.

Rick is also the leading stage combat choreographer in Manitoba with over 20 years of extensive work in stage, opera and ballet behind him.

He is a founding member or The Society of Canadian Fight Directors and holds the rank of Fight Director with Fight Directors Canada. He teaches at the University of Winnipeg Department of Theatre & Film where he specializes in film, stage combat, physical theatre, and acting.

Rick also has an extensive acting resume and recently played the serial killer lead in the Steven C. Miller feature film reboot of the horror classic Silent Night.

Felicity SteelFelicity Steel

Felicity Steel teaches Ashtanga Yoga. She is also a member of The Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc. (SAFDi) and the International Order of the Sword and Pen and is a qualified stage combat instructor. how to create and perform safe fight illusions for the stage, developing awareness of the body and non-verbal communication skills. Felicity Steel has worked as a fight director for MTC, Australian Opera, Malthouse Theatre, Bell Shakespeare and Australian Shakespeare Company. She is also an actor on stage and television.

Carrie ThielCarrie Thiel

Carrie Thiel received her BFA in acting from the University of Alberta in 1997, and shortly thereafter started specializing in staged combat and stunt work. She has trained with Fight Directors Canada, the Society of American Fight Directors, and the United Stuntmen's Association. Carrie has worked as a fight choreographer in Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. She has spent a large portion of her career on film sets as a performance (motion) capture director and producer, as well as a movement consultant for digital animation. Along the way she has had the great fortune of training and working with talented Fight Masters from around the globe, including the late Paddy Crean and the late Bob Anderson.

Carrie enjoys working with animators, actors, and stunt performers alike and has contributed combat action to various projects including Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy, Ridley Scott’s ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and Oliver Stone’s ‘Alexander the Great’. She is super excited to be back in Canada and teaching at the Paddy Crean Workshop this year!

Bo ThomasBo Thomas

Stuntman, stage fight performer, actor and choreographer in both film, television, theater, shows and live reenactment. Has coordinated, choreographed and performed in more than 100 productions since 1985. Also teaches actors and children in stunt and stage fight, performs stunt and fight shows as well as historical weaponry demonstrations for schools, institutions and medieval museums in Scandinavia and a on few occasions in U.S.A. Became a certified teacher under NSFS in 2000.

Christina TraisterChristina Traister

Christina is the Graduate Acting Program Director and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre at Michigan State University, teaching Classical Acting, Movement, and Stage Combat. Prior to relocating back to her home state of Michigan, she was a San Francisco based actor and fight director for twelve years. Professional fight directing and teaching venues include the American Conservatory Theater, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, The American Shakespeare Collective (TASC), Shakespeare Santa Cruz, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Michigan Shakespeare Festival, Purple Rose Theatre Company, Williamston Theatre, BoarsHead Theatre, Stormfield Theatre, North Carolina School of the Arts, University of Michigan, University of San Diego, University of California-Santa Cruz, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Adrian College, and Hillsdale College. She has also taught stage combat classes at numerous workshops both nationally and internationally. Christina holds an MFA in acting from the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and a BFA in acting from the University of Michigan.

Brad WallerBrad Waller

Brad has been a teacher and fight director with The Shakespeare Theater (Washington DC). He has produced the International Paddy Crean Workshop with such cultural institutions as: The Shakespeare Theater, The Smithsonian Institution, The Folger Library, The Shaw Festival, The Stratford Festival (Canada), and the Banff Centre for the Arts. Brad is an internationally recognized scholar in 16th Century fighting systems, and was guest curator of the 1995 exhibit The Sword and the Pen at the Folger Shakespeare Library.

Rachel Bown-WilliamsRachel Bown-Williams

Rachel is thrilled to be attending Paddy Crean again this year!

Originally training as an Actress at Rose Bruford College, Rachel then went on to study and qualify as a British Academy of Dramatic Combat Teacher, recently qualifying as a BADC Examiner. She is a director of RC-ANNIE, a British based company specializing in Dramatic Violence for Theatre and Film. She is Training Officer for the BADC and a Fellow of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. Rachel loves to travel and her work allows her to travel regularly teaching and fight directing in such places as Romania, Austria, The United States and Canada.

Theatre credits include: Bruised, Roots and A Chorus of Disapproval (Clwyd Theatr Cymru), Stovepipe (The Bush/National Theatre), Painting a Wall (Finborough Theatre), Innocence (Arcola/KP Prods), The Three Musketeers and Snow Queen (Unicorn Theatre).

Film credits include: Suspension of Disbelief (Content Film, Mike Figgis), Ill Manors (Microwave, Ben Drew aka Plan B), The Seasoning House (Stirling Pictures, Paul Hyett), Scar Tissue (Stirling Pictures, Scott Mitchell), Cheerful Weather for a Wedding (Yellow Knife, Donald Rice).

Scott WittScott Witt

Scott is an award winning arts practitioner who has been working in stage, television and film for thirty years in that time he has been acting, teaching, writing / adapting, fight directing, directing and or clowning on hundreds of shows and a wide variety of acting institutions. He was the President of the Society of Australian Fight Directors Incorporated from 1996 - 2007, is a Honorary Member of the British Academy of Dramatic Combat, Honorary Fight Director of Fight Directors, Canada, Affiliated Member of the Art of Combat and a Honorary Fight Director of the Independent Fight Directors Guild of America and Scott is currently the Artistic Director of the International Order of the Sword and the Pen. Scott has been a member of MEAA (Australia's Equity) since 1988. Performances Scott has directed have played throughout Australia, Malaysia, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong. During 2002 and 2003 he was the Intern and Associate Director for the Queensland Theatre Company working under Michael Gow’s Artistic Directorship. In 2004 Scott completed a Master in Fine Arts: Drama at Creative Industries, Queensland University of Technology and is the current Associate Lecturer in Movement at National Institute of Dramatic Art; Australia. (full bio - visit Combatcircus)

Tony WolfTony Wolf

Tony Wolf has worked as a martial arts instructor, professional wrestler and fight director/stunt co-ordinator. Between 1988 - 1994 he developed his original Wolf System of performance/combat exercises, which has been taught to actors, martial artists, stunt performers and stage combat specialists throughout the world.

Tony's fight direction and action design have been featured in over two hundred feature film, television, theatre, opera and ballet productions. Between 1998-2000 he served as the Fighting Styles Designer for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy and in 2002 he toured Japan performing fights for the Washington National Opera's production of Otello, starring Plácido Domingo.

Tony regularly teaches a range of master-classes and seminars for martial arts associations, universities, stunt teams, acting academies and conferences throughout New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe.

He serves as the editor for the EJMAS: Journal of Manly Arts, a scholarly online journal focusing on the martial arts and combat sports of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. In 2005 Tony edited the first volume of the "Bartitsu Compendium" and in 2006 he edited a revised and expanded re-publication of A.C. Cunningham's 1912 manual, "The Cane as a Weapon". His other publications include the second volume of the "Bartitsu Compendium" and "Defensive Gymnastics" (2008), "A Terrific Combat!!! Theatrical Duels, Brawls and Battles, 1800-1920" and "Edith Garrud: the Suffragette who knew jujutsu" (2009) as well as numerous articles on martial arts history.

Tony is an Acknowledged Instructor with the Historical Maritime Combat Association, a member of Western Martial Arts Illustrated magazine's editorial board, a founding member of The Bartitsu Society and he serves on the advisory board of the Hegeler Carus Foundation. He is currently based in Chicago, USA.

Laryssa YanchakLaryssa Yanchak

Laryssa has worked all over Canada, teaching, directing and performing fights for film, television and theatre. She is the first woman in Canadian Theatre history to win an accredited award for Fight Direction in professional theatre, for her work on Treasure Island at ATP in 2006.

Recognised by CAEA as a professional Fight Director, Laryssa has over thirty fight direction and apprentice credits with the following theatres: Alberta Ballet, Calgary Opera, ATP, Theatre Calgary, Vertigo Theatre, L’Uni Theatre, Driftwood, Dark Forest, Sage, Urban Curvz, Stratford, Shaw, NAC, Hart House, U of C and Humber College.

Laryssa is a Certified Instructor with Fight Directors Canada. She teaches stage combat at numerous high schools and post secondary theatre programs, including Playhouse North, Mount Royal College and U of C in Calgary. Other workshops include Theatre Alberta’s Playworks Inc and Workshops by Request, Rural Outreach Programs, Fight Directors Canada Nationals and workshops run by Valiant Rogues for Hire.

Fight and stunt credits for film and television include: Witchblade, Wildcard, Mutant X, YTV’s The Zone and Girlz T.V., The Wedding, Zero Down O.A.C, On Belay, The Colour Club, The Last Season and more.

Her interests in physical theatre extent beyond stage combat to include aerial circus and clown work.