Senior Artist Bios - 2016

The IOSP is proud to welcome the senior artists to

The Paddy Crean
25th Anniversary Workshop

As we wish everyone three movie contracts,
all attendees are subject to change.

Daniel Ford BeavisDaniel Ford Beavis

Daniel has been a professional stunt performer since 1996. Over the years Daniel has worked on dozens of productions, from stage to television to film. His credits include dodging flaming reindeer in Just Friends, getting tackled through glass over a cliff in Android Apocolypse, and coordinated episodes of the Canadian series Rabbit Fall, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Moccasin Flat, and Insecurity.

Stunts has been a passion of Daniel for many years, but his true calling is teaching. He has taught at the University of Saskatchewan, The Banff Centre, the International Stunt School as well as a variety of workshops in Montreal, Los Angeles, Atlanta among others. Daniel has literally lit hundreds of stunt performers on fire, made students do thousands of high falls, helped administer untold numbers of face punches and groin kicks, engineered numerious stabs with knives and swords, and kept every one of them safe as they did it. Daniel has recently coordinated the upcoming movies: a psychological thriller Chained, a zombie movie 13 Eerie, an action thriller Ferocious and a vampire movie called Rufus. Check online for his work on the werewolf series, Lupine Life.”

Bryce BerminghamBryce Bermingham

Bryce was a ranked tournament free style martial artist growing up and combined that passion with dramatic art to stimulate a long career in film and theatre. While acquiring a BFA and MFA in musical theatre Bryce found time to attend stage combat workshops, training with Fight Directors, Canada, and The Society of American Fight Directors and even teach and train in the UK with The British Acadamy of Dramatic Combat, spending 6 months based out of the Welsh College of Music and Drama. Bryce became a fight director with Fight Directors, Canada in 1998 and has since fought and danced his way around North America and the UK. As an actor he toured with the Broadway National Tour of Cats, has performed in 6 companies of Beauty and the Beast, was part of the original workshop production of Snow White for Disney Entertainment and the pre-Broadway production of The Three Musketeers staring Aaron Tveit. Bryce also found himself working as a stuntman in several unpronounceable Welsh films and as well as working on set as an assistant armourer and assistant pyro-technician.

As a fight director he has choreographed the violence for musicals such as a national tour of The Scarlet Pimpernel, Beauty and the Beast and George Stiles The Three Musketeers and well as dozens of Shakespeare and modern theatre works. Bryce has been focusing his stunt coordinating efforts on many small and medium size films in NYC, enjoying the creative liberties and ingenuity that comes with them. Film highlights include The House that Jack Built which has won dozens of awards and Taste where Bryce received his first film 'choroegrapher' credit.

Bryce can also be seen on 6 book covers as a well-armed assassin of the David Dalglish’s Shadowdance Series.

Bryce began his involvement with the Paddy Crean Workshop in 1997 and has been a workshop coordinator and instructor since 2003, a fact he is immensely proud of. He is also the current Treasurer for the IOSP.

Check out Bryce's website at

David BousheyDavid Boushey

I am the Founder of the Society of American Fight Directors, the United Stuntmen's Association and the International Stunt School. I now embark on my 37th year in the theatre and film industries. I have been a Fight Master and Fight Master Emeritus for over 35 years. I am a member of the Hollywood Stuntmen's Hall of Fame. I was awarded the Los Angeles Critics Circle Award for distinguished fight choreography. I have been a teacher of the combat arts for 36 years having trained many of those individuals and colleagues who now make their livelihoods as professional teachers and choreographers. I have worked on several feature and television films which include: Blue Velvet, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Twin Peaks, Northern Exposure, X-Files, Highlander, Mad Love, Drugstore Cowboy, and the epic slasher film "Lover's Lane"! I have over 400 theatre credits to date which include 53 Romeo & Juliets! I now start my 17th year as administrator and teacher for the International Stunt School.

Rachel Bown-Williams

Bio Forthcoming

EmmaClaire BrightlynEmmaClaire Brightlyn

Originally from Canada, EmmaClaire Brightlyn is an actress, fight director and instructor based in Glasgow, Scotland. With an MA in Classical and Contemporary Text (Acting) from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, EmmaClaire has taught physical theatre and stage combat for The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Edinburgh College, the National Festival of Youth Theatre, and The University of Lethbridge in Canada, where she was also invited as a Guest Artist.

In 2011, EmmaClaire was hired as one of the fight captains and as a featured gladiator in Ben Hur Live! (New Arts Concerts, Germany) which ran in Rome, Italy before heading to Germany. During this 180 cast member production, she was involved in choreographing and running some of the shows most exciting moments including the epic sea battle between the Romans and pirates, and Ben Hur’s victorious fight against the gladiators.

Selected theatre fight directing credits in Scotland include: This Restless House: Part 1, 2 and 3, Dance of Death, The Maids, Miss Julie, The Libertine (Citizen’s Theatre), The Seafarer, Macbeth (Perth Theatre), Festen, West Side Story (RCS), Hamlet (Wilderness of Tigers), Slope (Untitled Projects), Titus Andronicus (Dundee Rep) and the award winning Dragon (Vox Motus/National Theatre of Scotland/Tianjin Children’s Art Theatre of China)

Ruth Cooper-BrownRuth Cooper-Brown

Ruth Cooper-Brown is a UK Fight director working in theatre and film, she is the co-founder of RC-Annie Ltd established in 2005 with Rachel Bown-Williams. Ruth is the current Chair of the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (5 years), a committee member (9 years) and is also teacher and an examiner. Ruth is also on the board of the IOSP.

Theatre credits include the National Theatre of Great Britian, the National Theatre of Scotland, the Royal Opera House, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Globe and the West End. Film credits include Arthur and Merlin, HOWL, The Seasoning House and iLL Manors. International Teaching include The Winter Wonderland Workshop in Chicago, The Southeast Missouri State University, St Louis, USA. The Nordic Stage Fight Society in Lund, Sweden, TASIS in Umbria, Italy, The Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania and for Combat Inc in New York.

Ruth cant wait to return to Banff for the 4th time to play, explore and share all things fighty with the most inspiring fight community.

Scott BrownScott Brown

The founder of several HEMA schools and events, Scott has been training and teaching martial arts for over thirty years and holds certificates of rank in multiple disciplines. Since the turn of the century he has exclusively focused his efforts on the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) with a specialized focus on the swordsmanship aspects of the Kunst des Fechtens or “Arts of Combat” of the Germanic cultures amongst others. He is best known for his sword and buckler expertise of the “Art of the Priest” from the Royal Armouries Ms. I.33 and the various longsword teachings of Johannes Liechtenauer’s disciples. Secretly, he also enjoys dussack, singlestick, and a variety of sabre systems.

Bringing his diverse expertise to WMA / HEMA, Scott has developed specific performance based curricula for both swordsmen-practitioners and instructors of these arts. He continues to travel and teach all over the world and currently oversees OCHS America, a WMA / HEMA school in Orlando, Florida.

As the Director of Fechtschule America, an event dedicated to HEMA, Scott coordinated some of the world’s largest modern tournaments and has helped develop numerous competitive rules and protocols for WMA / HEMA competitions around the world. These days, he focuses his competitive attention towards researching and exploring the historical competitive fencing formats in contrast to the modern competitions, as well as equipment and other related artifacts of the competitive and training environs.

Scott was on the Board of Directors for the HEMA-focused academic publication Acta Periodica Duellotorum from its inception in 2011 until 2014 and is a founding member of the Western Martial Arts Coalition. He also operates HEMA Supplies ( and works closely with manufacturers of HEMA equipment to provide equipment and support the schools and practitioners of the European martial arts.

Scott has won several international WMA / HEMA-specific tournaments including:

  • 2008 Swordfish’s Joachim S. Nilsson Memorial Longsword Tournament (Sweden)
  • 2010 FightCamp’s Assault at Arms Backsword/Sabre/Singlestick Tournament (U.K.)
  • 2010 Longpoint’s Open International Longsword Tournament (U.S.A.)
  • 2012 1er Encuentro de Artes Marciales Europeas’ Torneo de Sable de Canasta (Mexico)
  • 2015 Kreiges Schule Sword & Buckler Tournament

Scott is a member of the Western Martial Arts Coalition.

Meghan CookeMeghan Cooke

Meghan is a Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Wellness Coach. Originally trained as a dancer, she studied musical theatre at Sheridan College (Canada), drama at the Guildhall School (England), and has trained with Fight Directors Canada and the United Stuntmen’s Association. She has competed as a national level fitness competitor and worked professionally as a stunt person, musical theatre performer and actor. As a fight consultant, choreographer and coach Meghan looks at the body as a powerful tool for expression. Her varied training and experience allows her to assist her clients to develop a strong, healthy and functionally fit body while bringing both physicality and artistry to their work.

David DoerschDavid Doersch

David “Pops” Doersch is one of the three founding members of the IOSP. He has enjoyed a long and fruitful career as a fight director and teacher. His work has been featured on some of the largest stages in North America, including The Guthrie Theatre, The American Players Theatre, The Dallas Theatre Centre and many others. His screen credits most recently include Steve Spielberg’s Lincoln. As a founding member of the IOSP, Pops has taught workshops and/or performed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Egypt, South Africa and Japan. This summer found him thoroughly enjoying himself teaching the extremely talented students at the Nordic Stage Fight Society’s Summer Workshop in Linköping, Sweden. He is currently on staff with Feld Enterprises as a Casting Director and works specifically with Marvel Universe Live where, in addition to casting, he also serves as a trainer and coach for the performers.

Andrew FraserAndrew Fraser

Andy is a fully certified Fight Director and Stage Combat Instructor holding accreditation from the Society of Australian Fight Directors, the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and Fight Directors Canada.
Andy is the Owner and Director of Stage Combat Perth – the premier provider for Stage Combat services in Western Australia. Since 2001, S.C.P. has been engaged with all the major performance and training bodies in WA serving as choreographer, instructor, armourer, performer and safety consultant.

Current positions include Resident Fight Director at Black Swan State Theatre Company and Stage Combat Instructor at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (W.A.A.P.A.) and the Principal Academy of Dance. In partnership with Stuart Halusz and represented by Big Sky Entertainment WA, Andy is co-creator and performer in a number of stage combat-themed shows including “Shakespeare Shenanigans” and “Hollywood Heroes”.

In 2015 he was named a Fellow of the British Academy of Dramatic Combat.

Erik FredricksenErik Fredrickson

Erik Fredricksen began his professional career at the Guthrie Theatre in 1971. There he met Paddy Crean, who became his first mentor and with whom he worked on many projects throughout the country. While at the Guthrie, Erik coached Christopher Plummer in his Tony Award winning Cyrano duel and, after his third season Erik moved on to acting and/or theatrical combat choreography residencies at such theatres as: San Diego Old Globe, The Los Angeles Theatre Centre, The Indiana Rep, Syracuse Stage, The Manitoba Theatre Center, The Bucks County Playhouse, The Long Wharf, Seattle Rep, The Dallas Shakespeare Festival, The Colorado Shakespeare Festival, ACT (Seattle), Circle-in-the-Square, Lincoln Center, the New York Shakespeare Theatre, La Jolla Playhouse, and the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and others.

He has worked with directors of note that include John Hirsch, Michael Langham, Joseph Papp, Michael Rudman, Jean Gascon, Stein Wienga (National Theatre of Norway), Len Cariou, Des McAnuff, and Libby Appel. Television credits include The New Mike Hammer, OHara, China Beach, Henry Winkler Meets William Shakespeare, and various ‘soaps’. He is a founding member and past president of the Society of American Fight Directors, holds the rank of Fight Master, and was also a founding member of the Nordic Society of Theatrical Combat, which represents Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Latvia. He has frequently taught abroad and worked with students from several countries gathering in Roskilde Denmark in 2008. During the summer of 2009 he was invited as a master teacher for an international seminar being hosted in Finland.

Erik holds an instructor rank with the National Fencing Coaches Association and is a Yondan ranked Aikidoist and Fukushidoin (instructor) with the Birankai International Aikido Federation and a long time practitioner of Iaido. He is a member of SAG, AEA, and AFTRA and was the Claribel Baird Halstead Professor Emeritus of Theatre at the University of Michigan, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Erik holds an MA in Rhetoric, Miami U. of Ohio, and an MFA in Acting from Ohio U and is Chair and Professor Emeritus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mi.

JP FournierJP Fournier

Recently JP choreographed the violence for Romeo & Juliet for the Alberta Balle; Carmen for Edmonton Opera; Les Trois Mousquetaires for Theatre du Nouveau Monde in Montreal; JOYA - Cirque du Soleil, Mayan Palace, Mayan Riviera Mexico; The Hannaraptor, The Rape of Lucretia, Otello and Moby Dick with Ben Harper for Calgary Opera; l'Homme de la Mancha for Theatre l'Uni in Edmonton; Titus Andronicus at University of Alberta in Edmonton.
Jean-Pierre will do the fights for Theatre du Noveau Monde's Romeo & Juliet in Montreal in June 2016.

Jean-Pierre is the Maitre d'Armes for Fight Directors, Canada (FDC), a Fellow of the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC), and a senior member of the International Order of the Sword and Pen. He is a past recipient of the IOSP's prestigious Paddy Crean Award for his influence on the educational development and spread of Safe Stage Combat at the National and International level. he has taught at universities and colleges across Canada, and the international level in the U.S., England, Norway and Belgium.

He has his BFA Acting (1973), and the MFA Directing (1998). During the last 45 years, he has worked extensively as an Actor, Fight Director, Director and Teacher in theatre, television, film, ballet and opera. In 2010, Fight Directors, Canada established the Jean-Pierre Fournier Fellowship to be awarded to a promising up and coming fight director or instructor annually.

Robert GoodwinRobert Goodwin

Most recently Bob Goodwin was the Fight Captain & played a pirate for The LA Opera's "Tristan Un Isolde": has arranged fights & duels from Off Broadways Second Stage to The Mark Taper Forum. Plays range from traditional "Richard II", produced at the Utah Shakespearean Festival to the avant garde "Shakespeare Kung Fu" that was presented at the Edinburgh Festival. He has coordinated fights for the Pulitzer Prize winning Tony Kushner, LA's Lisa Bramon Garcia, noted New York director Harold Scott and many others. He has taught from Syracuse University, in NY, to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Robert Goodwin has 45 years of training in various Asian fight disciplines and weapons; 32 years experience with European weapons. He was lucky to have studied from Maestro Patrick Crane at the 1984 NSCW in Salem, MA & he visited the Maestro a few times in Strafford, Ontario.

Career Highlights in Film:

  • Sherlock Holmes - co-fight coordinator for the last "Dredger" fight. Director Guy Richie
  • The Soloist - movement consultant and Tai Chi instructor for Rober Downey Jr and Jamie Fox. Director Joe Wright.
  • Batman Begins - martial arts trainer for Batman, Christian Bale.
  • The Princess Bride - the Twentieth Anniversary Re-Release for "The Art of Fencing" Feturette.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - the New York martial arts and weapons trainer.

Stunt coordinator of various SAG featrures including car gags, duels and fights. Sword Master for the SAG features Little Hercules, The Kings Guard and for television's The History Channel Lock N Load with Gunny Ermry and many others. Bob was also the stunt coordinator on Andrew Jackson for the History Channel; was featured on Next, The Discovery Channel and various History Channel specials.

He has taught internationally for The Paddy Crean Workshop in the UK and has been an invited instructor/lecturer for CombatCon since it's inception.

He has trained Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr, Kristanna Loken, ron Perlman, Crispin Glover, Matthais Hues, Eric Roberts, Illeana Douglas, Ving Rhames, Jason Lewis, Jennifer Tilley & others for various film, television & theatre projects.

Lyndall GrantPatrick Howarth

Lyndall is an Australian actor, Fight Choreographer and Teacher of Dramatic Combat with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat. She runs CAPTIVATE Action, the first UK and Australian company to provide performers and training specifically for motion capture/performance capture in addition to combat and movement for theatre and film.

>p>Lyndall studied acting at London’s ArtsEd School of Acting. She currently teaches dramatic combat at The Victorian College of the Arts and The National Theatre Drama School in Melbourne, The Actors Centre in London, and motion capture at the Birmingham School of Acting and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She has taught in Austria at the Schauspielhaus Salzburg and Vienna International School. CAPTIVATE Action hosts the unique Performance Capture Intensive Course: a 5-day course to train performers for working in motion capture.

Recent fight directing credits include Lillith: The Jungle Girl (Melbourne Theatre Company), Straight White Men (Melbourne Theatre Company), Real Joy (Pulse Films), The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (The Rose Theatre Kingston), The Wind in the Willows (Rose Theatre Kingston), Henry IV Part I (St. James Theatre, Rose Playhouse), Kissing Sid James (Jermyn Street Theatre), The Importance of Being Earnest (Theatre Royal Haymarket), In the Thrice Ninth Kingdom (Soho Theatre, Tristan Bates Theatre) Macbeth (The Melbourne Company of Players), Stina and the Wolf (Foam Digital), Wind in the Willows (Taunton Brewhouse). She also works fight performer for stage and film.

Patrick HowarthPatrick Howarth

Patrick is an actor and fight director originally from Edmonton, Alberta. He currently resides in both Edmonton and Toronto. Patrick began learning stage fighting from Fight Master JP Fournier in 1994, as part of his training in the BFA Acting program at the University of Alberta. After his first FDC certification in 1999, he very soon began choreographing professionally. He has created the fights for over 70 shows, and has received two Sterling Award nominations for fight direction, winning once. His martial arts training includes two years at the Iwama Ibaraki Aikido dojo in Japan, and various dojo in Canada. He has also dabbled in Iaido, Jodo and Wushu. Patrick has assisted JP Fournier for 15 years at the U of A. He has also taught at the FDC Nationals, at Rapier Wit, and at various training workshops in Canada.

Patrick will be attending the Paddy Crean workshop in Banff for the third time.

Spencer HummSpencer Humm

Spencer has made a living with a sword in his hand for more than twenty years at festivals and theatres worldwide. He is a Certified Teacher with The Society of American Fight Directors and the creator of Action Hero Boot Camp, a four day personal breakthrough adventure Spencer is an expert with the bullwhip and is a lifelong martial artist, having studied close combat with Special Ops unit instructors internationally and boxes competitively, currently training at a UFC facility. He has taught stage combat at universities and professional training programs all over North America. As a skydiver, Spencer has appeared in commercials and on DVD’s. He is a a founding member of the International Order of the Sword and Pen. Spencer Humm has been performing comedy for 24 years, including television, film, animation, comedy clubs and theatres. He has performed more than 3,000 live comedy shows in sixteen countries.

Jonathan HowellJonathan Howell

Jonathan Howell is a professional dancer, actor, choreographer, fight arranger and director - working primarily in British Theatre for nearly forty years. Some of his favourite work includes playing the Tango Dancer in Evita, Nijinsky in Clownmaker, Cyrano, Porthos, the left-hand of Clueless the Donkey in The Muppet's Treasure Island; Fight directing favourites: Romeo and Juliet for Northern Ballet Theatre and both Romeo og Julie and The Nutcracker for the Norwegina National Ballet. He also Freelances as a Teacher of Stage Fighting; America, Canada, Japan, and for the Nordic Stage Fight Society - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Estonia.

At present, he is Full-time at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, responsible for Stage Combat & Fight directing - Historical Dance & Period Movement.

He is the author of Stage Fighting, a Practical Guide obtainable from Amazon. He has been teaching at Paddy Crean Workshops since 1993, as well as a guest of Brad Waller in Washington DC & at the Folger Library; Niagara-on-the-Lake, Edinburgh and Banff.

Jonathan in an Honourary Member of Fight Directors, Canada as well as The Nordic Stage Fight Society in addition to an International Judge of the Artistic Stage Fencing Cohampionships in Berlin, 2010.

Jonathan was the recipient of the Paddy Crean Award in 2008.

Kevin InouyeKevin Inouye

Kevin Inouye is an Assistant Professor of Acting, Movement, & Stage Combat at the University of Wyoming. He is a Certified Teacher, Theatrical Firearms Instructor, and Rocky Mountain Regional Rep with the Society of American Fight Directors, Certified Teacher with the National Michael Chekhov Association, a SAG-AFTRA performer and fight choreographer, and a Paddy Crean Workshop devotee since he first came with Brad Waller's class in 1998/99. Ongoing projects include the UWYO Stage Combat Workshop that he hosts every Spring, his prop weapons rental company Fight Designer, and research/publications, such as The Theatrical Firearms Handbook, featuring images from previous workshop in Banff..

Casey KalebaCasey Kaleba

Casey Kaleba has been associated with the Paddy Crean Workshop since 1996. A prolific fight director, he has coordinated violence for opera, television, music videos and more than 400 productions with professional, community, and academic theatres. Local work in the Washington DC area includes arranging fights at the Folger Theatre, Signature Theatre, Round House Theatre, Washington Shakespeare Company, seven national tours with the National Players, and forty two productions of Romeo and Juliet.

A company member with Rorschach Theatre, Casey has staged fights for knights, musketeers, princesses, zombies, wolves, pirates, ninjas and at least one alien tentacle. Recently he has served as an audition choreographer for Marvel Universe Live and works on the crew for the YouTube series Men At Arms: Reforged.

A Certified Instructor with The Society of American Fight Directors, Casey has taught theatrical combat workshops and courses for a wide range of programs – from elementary schools to senior citizens. He has taught at graduate and undergraduate university programs, as well as scores of high schools, festivals, professional development workshops, libraries and camps. He has served as a consultant and teaching artist for the Shakespeare Theatre, Round House Theatre, English Speaking Union, and Folger Library. Casey has been a guest instructor for Fight Directors, Canada and the Nordic Stage Fight Society and coordinated three national workshops through his company Tooth & Claw Combat Arts.

Casey holds an MA in Theatre History.

Jaredk KirbyJared Kirby

Jared Kirby has been involved in Western Martial Arts and Combat for Stage & Screen for over 20 years. He teaches in New York City (and the metro area) and has choreographed fights Off-Broadway, Nationally, in London and Sydney.

As a Fight Director, Jared has worked with stars such as Peter Sarsgaard, Steve Guttenberg and has trained actors/stunt performers who are working on hit shows like Orange is the New Black, The Walking Dead, Gotham, Person of Interest, The Vampire Diaries, The Blacklist and in Films such as The Nice Guys, Captain America: Civil War, The Hunger Games, Furious 7, Insurgent.

He is the president of Art of Combat, a board member for the International Order of the Sword and the Pen and the president of Combat Con in Las Vegas.

Jared currently teaches fencing at SUNY Purchase, Sarah Lawrence College and is a Provost of Arms (Assistant Master) through the Martinez Academy of Arms. Jared has an ongoing Combat for Stage & Screen class in New York City and teaches at the prestigious Tom Todoroff Conservatory as well as the NY Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

He teaches a variety of workshops across the US and around the world including Canada, England, Scotland, Finland, Italy and Australia. He has taught at the Paddy Crean International Art of the Sword Workshop, the International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention (ISMAC), Rapier Camp and the Western Washington WMA Workshop, just to name a few.

Jared is the editor and one of the translators of “Italian Rapier Combat”, the first complete, professional translation of Capo Ferro. He is also the editor and wrote the introduction for “The School of Fencing” by Domenico Angelo and annotated by Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martínez. Most recently "The Gentleman's Guide to Duelling" was released in February 2014. For more information, see

Oula KittiOula Kitti

Oula Kitti is a Finnish actor and stage combat instructor currently living at Helsinki, Finland. He is from a dancer family and hence has been performing on different venues for all his life. He had a background on dancing, martial arts, different movement arts and performing before he started his acting training at Departement of acting, at University of Tampere in year 2000. He graduated as a Master of arts in theater at 2004 and since has been working as an actor around Finland first on contract and later as a freelancer. He spezialises in physical theater and has been working also as an teacher of movement. Stage combat training Oula started at 2002 and graduated as certified stage combat instructor by Nordic Stagefight Society at 2011. He was the first graduate from the NSFS mentor program as Peppe Östensson as his mentor.

Currently Oula is working as freelance actor, stunt, stagecombat instructor as well as teacher of movement and acting. He acts as a Board member of the Finnish stage combat society and the NSFS.

Michelle LaddMichelle Ladd

Michelle has been working as a professional director, choreographer and performer of acting, dance, stunts, and staged combat for over 17 years. She has worked throughout North America, Britain, Scandinavia, and Asia. In addition to stunt performing, her credits include Motion Capture Producer for Resident Evil - Degeneration - Tokyo, Japan; Motion Capture Stunt Coordinator for Thor; Motion Capture Director for Pirates of the Caribbean-At World’s End; Mocap Combat Choreographer for The Lord of the Rings-Return of the King; performer with Varneville/Carteret Viking Fest – Freiki Klan, Denmark; fight instruction and demonstration for Parnü Vöitlus in Estonia; and featured guest for Korea's Theatre magazine.

She has been an instructor and coach to students of all ages and levels including students at the Banff Centre for Performing Arts, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, North Carolina School of the Arts, and with Florida’s Center for Creative Education Project LEAP.

John LennoxJohn Lennox

Dr. John Lennox has trained in various forms of combat for over 34 years. Through his involvement in stage combat for theatre over the past 30 years he began to study a myriad of weapons. He is a Fight Director for Art of Combat, an Honorary Fight Director with the Australian Stage Combat Association, and he has taught stage combat courses at Indiana University/Purdue - Ft. Wayne, Lansing Community College, Huntington University, Jackson Community College, Centenary College and Wayne State University. He is an instructor with the Historical Martial Study Society, as well as an expert level knife instructor for the School of Two Swords. Over the past few years he has focused on combat theory as well as fighting with knife and tomahawk. His recent research includes German smallsword and Aztec, Mayan and Inca combat systems. Since 2006 he has been teaching at workshops all over the world, including the Paddy Crean International Art of the Sword Workshop, The Shenandoah Project, the Symposium on the Western Arts of Swordsmanship through History (S.W.A.S.H.) in Leeds, England, and numerous workshops throughout the U.S. as well as Scotland, England, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Mexico and Canada.

He is the author of A History of Stage Swordplay: Shakespeare to the Birth of Film, and has presented several lectures at symposiums and conferences. He is currently working on publishing a book on fight direction entitled Truth in Action.

He is routinely called in to colleges and universities for workshops on historical combat and stage combat. John holds a PhD in Theatre with cognate studies in historical fencing from Wayne State University.

Claire LlewellynClaire Llewellyn

Claire trained as an Actor at Mountview Academy and it was here that her love of Stage Combat began. Claire trained as a Stage Combat Teacher with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat BADC) and is a current, serving her second term on its committee as the Workshop Coordinator.

This is Claire's third time at The Paddy, as a teacher it's such a wonderful place to play, learn, and fight! Claire is very excited to join the team of Interns.

During her teacher training she was mentored by Rachel Bown-Williams and Ruth Cooper-Brown of RC-Annie with whom she is an Associate Teacher.

Recent Fight Direction credits: Robin Hood, Not a Game for Boys, Sunshine on Leath, West Side Story, The White Devil, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Oedipus at the Crossroads at the Tristan Bates Theatre. Fight Assistant credits: Red Velvet at The Tricycle Theatre and Motion Pictures Herretiks, Genesis, The Receptionist, Arthur and Merlin, and Howl.

Paul MacDonaldPaul MacDonald

Paul Macdonald was born in 1972, and raised in the West Highland village of Glenuig, Moidart, Scotland. He began his study of fencing in the 1992 at Napier University, in Edinburgh, founding and running the University club as President and principal instructor for 2 1/2 years. With an ever-growing interest in historical swordsmanship, he founded the Dawn Duellists Society in 1994, and ran the DDS as President until 2006.

Paul's creative production work has involved research and study of historical European weaponry ranging from Bronze Age to 20th century. He has created high quality functional reproductions for customers worldwide including the National Gallery of Scotland, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and US Army Special Operations Command.

Teaching work has involved extensive research, practice and tuition of a wide variety of Scottish and European cultural combative Arts. Work also includes presenting public demonstrations and workshops of these Arts at various venues and countries throughout the UK, Europe, the US and Canada including National Museums of Scotland, National War Museum, Leeds Armouries and London Olympia.

Fight Direction work has involved choreographing stage combat for various stage and screen productions, as well as presenting practical workshops at various venues and events such as ISMAC (International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention), Paddy Crean Stage Combat Workshop and Combat Con.

Edinburgh's only sword-maker and custom knife-maker, with experience in creating various European weapons spanning some 3,000 years. Craft skills include various metalwork (steel, brass, bronze, iron), forging, casting, metal plating, chiseling, sculpting, carving, etc., woodwork, leatherwork. The only professional historical fencing master in the UK, keeping several specific cultural combative traditions alive today. Capable of delivering effective martial training in a variety of traditional weapon forms.

UK based fight director with an extensive working knowledge and background in European combative Arts. Able to deliver historically/martially accurate fight movement and direction for any production.

Military Combatives instructor specializing in WW2 close combat methods. Trained directly with military SF personnel and presented classes and public demonstrations to serving military units and special events.

Physical Training Instructor, British Army.

Serving Military Intelligence Operator with 51 Coy, 5 MI, British Army Reserves.

See more of what Paul is up to on his website.

Jeannette Acosta-Martinez

Bio Forthcoming

Ramon Martinez

Bio Forthcoming

Kev McKurdyKev McKurdy

Kevin is a British Actors Equity professional Fight Director. He primarily trained as an actor at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama from 1998 – 1991. He gained his Combat Teacher status in 1993 and gained his Equity Professional Fight Directors status in 1996. Kevin has been Royal Welsh Colleges’ resident fight master since 2005 and has worked on a variety of stage, tv and film projects around the UK and abroad. He has been recently working on Miss Saigon for Cameron Mackintosh and also at Shakespeare’s Globe and Royal Shakespeare Company for the year.

At the last Paddy Crean workshop, he was awarded the Brad Waller Award - awarded by the participants as the instructor who they felt best captured the Paddy Crean spirit.

Theatre includes: Macbeth, Mogadishu (World premiere), To Kill A Mockingbird A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, The Three Musketeers, Of Mice and Men, Sleeping Beauty, Dick Whittington, A View From The Bridge, The Pirates of Penzance, Taboo (original UK tour), Batman Live World Arena Tour (World Premiere UK & USA tour), Picnic, Beasts and Beauties, Oliver, House and Garden, Orange, The Grapes of Wrath, The Art of Success, The Last Pirate, Quadrophenia (World Premiere), The Birthday Party, It’s Not The End Of The World, Women Beware Women, Vincent in Brixton, Cysgod Y Cryman, Look Back In Anger, We The People, Beauty and The Beast, Cyrano De Bergerac, Killer Joe, West Side Story, Suspension, The Frontline (World Premiere), As You Like It, Troillus and Cressida, Bedlam, Helen, Treasure Island, Hamlet (World tour), The Heart of Robin Hood (World Premiere RSC/ Norway / Sweden), Twelfth Night, Marat Sade, Comedy of Errors, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, Cause Celebres, Peter Pan, Julius Caesar (UK/USA/Russia tour), The Incredible Dr Guttman, Jack and The Beanstalk, Animal Farm (Switzerland), Anne Boleyn, Rape Of The Fair Country, King Lear (UK/Middle east tour), The Taming of The Shrew (UK/Europe tour), The Lightning Child (World Premiere), Aladdin, The Crucible, Miss Saigon (World Premiere 25th year celebration).

Feature Films includes: John Carter of Mars, Season of the Witch, Hunky Dory, Panic Button, Flick, Summer Scars, The Baker, Intergalactic Combat, Life Translated, A World Apart, Berserkers Film and Television includes: Doctor Who Christmas Special, Torchwood, Becoming Human, Belonging, Being Human, The Bench, High Hopes, The Story of Tracy Beaker, Hearts of Gold, Carrie’s War, Pobol Y Cwm, Rhyw a Dinosaurs, Jara, Y Pris, Caerdydd, Pen Taler, Gwaith Cartref, Alys, CCTV, Camelot, Baker Boys, Switch, Hollyoaks, Hollyoaks After Dark, Hinterland, Crud Yr Awel

Films for Television include: Textual @ttraction, Ellen, Bitch, Arthurs’ Dyke (HTV), A Way of Life (BBC), Arwyr (S4C), Colonial Gods (USA).

Opera includes: Woyzzeck, Die Fledermaus, Rigoletto, Tristan Und Isolde, The Cunning Little Vixen, Don Giovanni, Lulu, Carmen

Robert NajarianRobert Najarian

Robert Najarian is an actor, instructor, fight director, and author hailing from the East Coast. As a performer, Najarian has been seen in more than 40 productions in cities such as New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Boston with such companies as The American Repertory Theatre, Washington National Opera, and Punchdrunk, where he was an original cast member of the critically acclaimed show Sleep No More in New York.

He has trained in and teaches movement for contemporary and classical theatre based on the work of Jaques Lecoq, Jerzy Grotowski, Mary Overlie, and Tadashi Suzuki. He specializes in the combat arts, having instructed and performed in fights for stage and screen in Italy, Switzerland, France, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and the United States. He has served on the faculty of the theatre departments at Boston University, College of the Holy Cross, Emerson College, and the American Repertory Theatre's Institute for Advanced Actor Training at Harvard University.

As a fight director, Najarian has staged the violence for more than 100 productions for stage and film. Fight direction credits include Carmen and Macbeth with Boston Lyric Opera, As You Like It with Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, Don Quixote with Boston Ballet, Johnny Baseball with American Repertory Theatre, The Lieutenant of Inishmore and The Kite Runner with New Repertory Theatre, and She Kills Monsters with Company One.

Najarian is a certified teacher and fight director with The Society of American Fight Directors and a member of Actors' Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA. He received his BA at Bowdoin College and his MFA at the Shakespeare Theatre's Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University. He is currently Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

His book The Art of Unarmed Stage Combat is available on Amazon.

Aaron OrenskyAaron Orensky

Aaron has been studying Stage Combat for over fifteen years with various organizations, gaining the rank of AAC with the SAFD, Apprentice Fight Director with Art of Combat, and Journeyman Stuntman with the United Stuntmen’s Association. Aaron has been participating in workshops around the world – none of them better than the Paddy Crean International Stage Combat Workshop. He has worked on productions ranging from the Washington National Opera at Kennedy Center, to Channel Nine in Sydney, NSW, to Volunteer Park in Seattle, WA. Aaron resides in Richmond, VA, where he works and choreographs at numerous area theaters and teaches stage combat in Central Virginia.

Peppe ÖstenssonPeppe Ostensson

Peppe Östensson has been teaching acting and movement for 25 years internationally, for stage, screen and performing arts programs. Amongst them: College of William and Mary, VA, USA, Banff Cultural Centre, Canada, Nadine – Laboratory for contemporary arts – Brussels, The Royal Conservatory of Music, Denmark, The Latvian Academy of Culture – Riga, The Theatre Academy in Oslo – Norway, Dansbiennalen Umeå, Sweden. Peppe Östensson works as a Fight Director and Sword Master for stage and screen. Credits include work for Malmöbaletten, Sweden, The National Theatre,Oslo – Norway, Gothenburg City Theatre, Uppsala City Theatre,Länsteatern Örebro, Östgöta Teatern – Sweden.
He was Swordmaster for the film productions and TV – series of ”Arn". He has worked with Pontus Lidberg Dance for the dance production of Warriors – Norrlands Operan. Choreographed for Cressida Brown´s direction of Macbeth for the Bard En Seine Festival – Paris.

Peppe just choreographed/directed Crossroads, a touring blues/dance piece in Linköping-Sweden. He is currently preparing a commissioned dance piece to be open at The George Mason University in Washington D.C, USA June 10th 2016. All five dancers come from his physical education Acting and Collaborative Theatre.

He is the founder of the Nordic Stage Fight Society and an Honorary Fight Master with Fight Directors, Canada. For the NSFS he has developed an international mentor programme for the education of future teachers and choreographers in the art of Dramatic combat. Recipient of The Paddy Crean Award in Banff – Canada, 2006 and 2015 with his wife Maria Winton. Hunt – Scammon Visiting – Guest – Artist-in-Residence, College of William and Mary, VA, USA 1999.

Justin Palazzo-OrrJustin Palazzo-Orr

Justin Palazzo-Orr was first introduced to stage combat while studying for a Bachelor of Theatre at James Cook University in 1997. Through the financial assistance of Regional Arts Development Funding and Arts Queensland funding he regularly travelled throughout Australia to further his training and bring his knowledge and experience back to his home town of Townsville in North Queensland. Justin has worked as a Stage Combat consultant and instructor for Tropic Sun, Full Throttle, James Cook University, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), La Boite and Queensland Opera.

On his journey toward Fight Directorship Justin has assisted Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc. (SAFDi) Fight Directors Scott Witt, Jason King, Niki J Price and Nigel Poulton. Justin and Nigel have collaborated on many productions including Fractions (Queensland Theatre Company), Dracula (Shake & Stir), Julius Cesar (La Boite), Macbeth (Queensland Theatre Company and Grin & Tonic) and four Hamlets (La Boite, Melbourne Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare Company and QUT).

Over the years Justin and Nigel have developed a great working relationship. After the opening night of Queensland Theatre Company’s Macbeth Queensland’s Minister for Science, IT, Innovation and the Arts dubbed them the joint Ministers of Violence, Gore and Blood Innovation.

Nigel PoultonNigel Poulton

Nigel is an award winning fight director, weapon and movement specialist and actor. He has particular exterpertise in kinesthetic movement processes, edged weapon use, classical, historical and theatrical swordplay and combat systems and has worked internationally over the last nine years. Nigel is a practitioner of Vsevelod Meyerhold’s Theatrical Biomechanics system, having trained intensively with the system’s current custodian, Gennadi Bogdanov, is a registered Instructor, Fight Director and past President of the Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc, is a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors and has been certified with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat. Nigel is also a classically trained fencer under the tutorship of Maestri Ramon and Jeanette Martinez of New York City.

Choreography credits include The Metropolitan Opera (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2014 and 2015), the New York City Ballet (2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2015), Sydney Theatre Company, the Bell Shakespeare Company (Company Fight Director since 2003), Washington Opera Company (2002 tour of Japan), Opera Australia, Circus Oz, Melbourne Theatre Company, Queensland Theatre Company, Belvoir Street, La Boite Theatre (Brisbane), Playbox Theatre (Melbourne), and Kooemba Jdarra (Brisbane).

Nigel’s film work includes Pirates of the Carribean V (Disney), Deadline Gallipoli (Full Clip Productions/Matchbox Pictures), The Water Diviner (Fear of God Productions/Hopscotch Features), The Bourne Legacy (Bourne Film Productions), Vikingdom (KRU Studios) and Winters Tale (Warner Brothers Studios). Nigel has been part of the Weapons Specialists Ltd creative team (New York) since 2007, gaining experience on productions including: The Good Wife (Scott Free Productions), Person of Interest (Kilter Films), One Shot (Paramount Pictures), Boardwalk Empire (HBO), Salt (Columbia Pictures), I Am Legend (Warner Bros. Pictures), The Sopranos – 1997 Season (HBO), The Ministers, (Collective), 30 Rock (Broadway Video) and Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Wolf Films).

Nigel has been studying and teaching various martial and combat systems for over 15 years and was on faculty (part-time) as resident stage combat instructor at the University of Southern Queensland from 2001 to 2012. Nigel was also the stage combat instructor at the National Institute of Dramatic Art from 2000 to 2003, and has been a guest teacher at institutions such as The John F Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts and The Shakespeare Theatre Academy for Classical Acting (Washington DC). Nigel is also a past coordinator of the Paddy Crean International Workshop and has been a regular guest presenter at various historical swordplay conferences throughout Australia. Nigel was also a guest presenter at the 2006 World Shakespeare Congress.

In 2012 Nigel was the recipient of the Melbourne Green Room Awards for outstanding contribution to the Melbourne stage, and has gratefully received grants from the Australia Council for the Arts and Queensland Arts Council in 2005 and 2008 to undertake continuing professional development with leading theatre practitioners throughout the world.

Ian RoseRick Skene

Ian has arranged fights for commercials, film and stage, and has been staging fights in the New York and Philadelphia areas for over twenty-five years. Ian is one of only two in the world to be counted a Fight Master in two professional fight direction organizations, Fight Directors, Canada and The Society of American Fight Directors. Ian’s work has been seen at the Riverside Shakespeare and Interborough Repertory Theatre in New York City, The Whole Theatre in New Jersey, Bridewell Theatre in London, and MTM Studios in Rome, the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, The Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival, Philadelphia Theatre Company, the Wilma and the Arden in Pennsylvania. Most recently Ian's fights were featured in the documentary Philadelphia: The Great Experiment –Disorder seen on ABC. Ian was a Technical Advisor on the film A Winter’s Tale. He holds a 4th degree black belt in Karate and currently teaches at Rutgers & Temple University.

Kyle RowlingKyle Rowling

Kyle is an Australian actor with high-level specialist screen combat techniques. He has studied acting and martial arts since 1978 and is one of the world’s most respected Stage Combat Instructors and Fight Directors.

Kyle has worked in film, television and theatre productions as both an actor and Fight Director. He was the Assistant Sword Master for Star Wars: Episode’s 2 & 3, and during that time his duties included training actors including Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christiansen, Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee. He was also Christopher Lee’s fight double for both films as well as the movement and fight double for the General Grievous character, among others including playing a Jedi Knight named Joclad Danva.

Kyle was Eric Bana’s personal weapon’s trainer for Troy, and the edged weapon’s specialist for Wanted, where he was responsible for training James McEvoy, whilst also doubling the ‘Butcher’ character for his fight scenes. Most recently Kyle was the Fight Director for the Australian feature film Infini.

As an actor, Kyle has worked for many independent theatre companies in Sydney and overseas, including several times for Sydney Theatre Company. He is one of the founding directors of the Sydney Shakespeare company Bard on the Beach. He has performed on Australian television and also starred in the Starz production Spartacus: Blood & Sand.

In 2014 Kyle spent seven months in Wales, UK, as the Assistant Stunt Coordinator on the Starz production’s final season of Da Vinci’s Demons, once again his primary duties were choreographing the sword and fists fights for the show, training the actors and doubling several actors for their fight scenes, and assisting Stunt Coordinator Nick Gillard in all aspects including high falls and full body burns. He has also worked with the cast of Circe Du Soliel’s ‘KA’.

Kyle is a seasoned actor, director and certified Fight Master with a very specialized and extensive skill set with decades of on-set experience.

Karl SineSean Skene

Karl is an Actor, and Certified Fight Director with the Academy of Fight Directors, Canada. He has been working as a Fight Professional for almost 10 years and has received numerous awards and nominations for his work. Karl has been involved in well over a 100 productions in some shape or form. He helped in the creation of 5 World Premiers and 2 Canadian Premiers as Fight Director. He teaches regularly as Sessional fight or acting instructor with Rosebud School of the Arts and with Ambrose University. Karl has taught at numerous workshops both nationally and internationally.

He is a father of two and in his spare time loves Boxing and is a tea aficionado.

Selected Fight Director Credits – Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, Equivocation, Othello, Hamlet, Titus, Land Of The Dead (The Shakespeare Company); Fight/Flight Response (Verb Theatre); Carmen, Silent Night (Calgary Opera); I’ll be Back Before Midnight, The Games Afoot, Farewell My Lovely, Huron Bride (Vertigo); Butcher, The Motherf@#!Er With The Hat (ATP); Hamlet, Bad Jews, King Lear, Liberation Days, One Man 2 Guvnors, Romeo & Juliet, The Great Gatsby (Theatre Calgary); She Has A Name (Burnt Thicket Theatre).

Selected Actor Credits - The Crucible, Pride And Prejudice, Enron, A Christmas Carol, Much Ado About Nothing (Theatre Calgary); Macbeth, Equivocation, Othello, Titus, Land Of The Dead (TSC); Queen Milli Of Galt, Mary’s Wedding, Oliver, The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (Rosebud); Boys Own Jedi Handbook (GZT).

Rick SkeneRick Skene

Rick is the leading Stunt Coordinator in central Canada. He has been Stunt Coordinating for film and television for over 25 years with over 175 feature film and series credits. His expertise covers a wide range of stunt work, including car stunts, body burns, wire work, ratchets, air rams, high falls, fight choreography etc. He is a highly respected stunt driver and works frequently in this capacity designing and executing major chase/crash sequences. He often works as director/second unit director planning the shots and directing the shooting of stunt and fight sequences.

Rick is also the leading stage combat choreographer in Manitoba with over 25 years of extensive work in stage, opera and ballet behind him.

He is a founding member of The Society of Canadian Fight Directors and holds the rank of Fight Director with Fight Directors, Canada. He teaches at the University of Winnipeg Department of Theatre & Film where he specializes in film, stage combat, physical theatre, and acting.

Rick also has an extensive acting resume and recently played the serial killer lead in the Steven C. Miller feature film reboot of the horror classic Silent Night.

Sean SkeneSean Skene

Sean Skene has been working in film and television as a stunt performer since 2002, and as a stunt coordinator since 2008. He currently has over 90 film and television credits. Sean’s work has taken him all across Canada and even across the world to Belarus. Sean is also trained as an actor and has landed lead roles in feature films. He’s worked as an Editor, Assistant Director, 2nd Unit Director and Director.

Sean grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba in a theatre, film and stunt family under the guidance of his father Rick Skene who’s been a stunt coordinator/performer for over 25 years. His mother, Jan is an actor, singer, puppeteer and currently National Councilor for Actra Manitoba; and his brother Daniel is an accomplished stunt performer and coordinator, now based in Toronto.

Mike SmithMike Smith

Mike Smith, originally from Perth, Australia, made the move to Scotland in 2004. With a keen interest in weapons and historical fencing, he met Maestro Paul Macdonald and attended the Macdonald Academy of Arms in Edinburgh at the end of 2004.

Having focused his early training on the Scottish backsword, Mike was made Chief de Salle and an instructor of the Macdonald Academy. Mike has enjoyed training in a variety of weapons at the Academy such as Italian Cane, quarterstaff as well as mixing backsword vs small sword or rapier. Then in 2008 together with Paul Macdonald he co-founded the Commando D Living History Group, a group focused on WW2 combatives.

Mike and Paul have together being giving workshops in swordsmanship for FISAS in Italy, S.W.A.S.H in Leeds Armouries and at the UNESCO festival Tocati in Verona, Italy. Their common interest in military history helped give birth to Commando D, this group focuses on the training of British and Allied Commandos of WW2 in the Scottish Highlands. Their main focus is on hand to hand combat, the FS 'Commando' knife, WW2 firearms, rope-work, and military fitness. Mike and Paul have been honoured to give presentations of these techniques to the Commando Veterans Association on several occasions, to 59 Independent Commando Squadron at RMB Chivenor and to 45 Commando at RM Condor.

2016 sees Mike Smith start the foundations for his new school, the School of Historical Defence, which will offer classes in weapons such as backsword, quarterstaff, cane, as well as the WW2 combatives for self-defence. When not fighting, Mike is an artist who enjoys creating detailed drawings and has gone on to sell many original pieces.

Carrie ThielCarrie Thiel

Carrie Thiel received her BFA in acting from the University of Alberta in 1997, and shortly thereafter started specializing in staged combat and stunt work. She has trained with Fight Directors, Canada, the Society of American Fight Directors, and the United Stuntmen's Association. Carrie has worked as a fight choreographer in Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. She has spent a large portion of her career on film sets as a performance (motion) capture director and producer, as well as a movement consultant for digital animation. Along the way she has had the great fortune of training and working with talented Fight Masters from around the globe, including the late Paddy Crean and the late Bob Anderson.

Carrie enjoys working with animators, actors, and stunt performers alike and has contributed combat action to various projects including Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven and Oliver Stone’s Alexander the Great. She is super excited to be back in Canada and teaching at the Paddy Crean Workshop this year!

Christina TraisterChristina Traister

Christina is the Graduate Acting Program Director and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre at Michigan State University, teaching Classical Acting, Movement, and Stage Combat. Prior to relocating back to her home state of Michigan, she was a San Francisco based actor and fight director for twelve years. Professional fight directing and teaching venues include the American Conservatory Theater, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, The American Shakespeare Collective (TASC), Shakespeare Santa Cruz, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Michigan Shakespeare Festival, Purple Rose Theatre Company, Williamston Theatre, BoarsHead Theatre, Stormfield Theatre, North Carolina School of the Arts, University of Michigan, University of San Diego, University of California-Santa Cruz, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Adrian College, and Hillsdale College.She has also taught stage combat classes at numerous conferences and workshops both nationally and internationally.

Christina holds an MFA in Acting from the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and a BFA in Acting from the University of Michigan. She is also a Fight Director and Certified Teacher with The Society of American Fight Directors, serving as the Head Coordinator for the SAFD's National Stage Combat Workshop.

Emily TurnerEmily Turner

Emily has been training in movement for over two decades and teaching nearly as long. She has travelled extensively, training with masters from around the globe. She has studied at multiple workshops from previous Paddy Creans, to The Shenandoah Project, to the Art of Combat NYC Intensives. Emily has worked with organizations including Art of Combat, Sydney Stage Combat, and the IOS&P. She has been in multiple local productions where she has showcased her combat skills, from pummeling Storm Troopers as Princess Leia in the musical parody Refrain of the Jedi, to the gritty, real-world violence of the world premier of The Joshua Plant. Emily is delighted to be returning as an intern to the Paddy this year!

Brad WallerBrad Waller

Brad has been a teacher and fight director with The Shakespeare Theater (Washington DC). He has produced the International Paddy Crean Workshop with such cultural institutions as: The Shakespeare Theater, The Smithsonian Institution, The Folger Library, The Shaw Festival, The Stratford Festival (Canada), and the Banff Centre for the Arts. He is a certified teacher of stage combat with the Society of American Fight Directors, and Honorary Member of Fight Directors, Canada.

Brad is an internationally recognized scholar in 16th Century fighting systems. In 1995, he was guest curator of "The Sword and the Pen," an exhibit at the Folger Shakespeare Library exploring the relationship between combat and drama. He hopes to eventually raise the money to mount an expanded version of the show at the Globe Theater in London. He enjoys gardening with his two kids, Lillian and Alan.

Scott WittScott Witt

Scott is an award winning arts practitioner who has been working in stage, television and film for thirty years in that time he has been acting, teaching, writing / adapting, fight directing, directing and or clowning on hundreds of shows and a wide variety of acting institutions. He was the President of the Society of Australian Fight Directors Incorporated from 1996 - 2007, is a Honorary Member of the British Academy of Dramatic Combat, Honorary Fight Director of Fight Directors, Canada, Affiliated Member of the Art of Combat and a Honorary Fight Director of the Independent Fight Directors Guild of America and Scott is currently the Artistic Director of the International Order of the Sword and the Pen. Scott has been a member of MEAA (Australia's Equity) since 1988. Performances Scott has directed have played throughout Australia, Malaysia, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong. During 2002 and 2003 he was the Intern and Associate Director for the Queensland Theatre Company working under Michael Gow’s Artistic Directorship. In 2004 Scott completed a Master in Fine Arts: Drama at Creative Industries, Queensland University of Technology and is the current Associate Lecturer in Movement at National Institute of Dramatic Art; Australia. (full bio - visit Combatcircus)

Louisa ZhuLouisa Zhu

Louisa is an actor, martial artist and stage combat artist based in Toronto. She is a Certified Fight Instructor with Fight Directors, Canada (FDC) and has taught at numerous secondary and post-secondary schools around the city. She has also served as a fight director and movement consultant on many productions and has worked in both Canada and the United States. Louisa uses a rhythm-based approach to much of her work and is excited to learn as much as she can at the Paddy Crean Workshop in a new capacity.